unConventional Cleveland

Keeping it Real.

We're riding high. On the electric waves of a national championship, on the light waves of a national spotlight. And while it's easy to say it's a great time to be a Clevelander, truth is, it's always been great. 

We already knew what the rest of the world is just now figuring out. We kick serious ass. Our get-up-and-grind attitude is what's building this city anew. It's not a fly by night hoopla of suits and cameras. It's not the fair-weather friends found in corporate sponsors. It's us. Clevelanders. You, me, all of us–getting up each morning putting that Cleveland grit in our teeth and under our fingernails where it belongs and making things happen for this city.

In the midst of a momentous week, we're building a place where Clevelanders can be Clevelanders. A place where an authentic experience summons natives and equally-welcomed tourists. Our arms are wide open and we're ready to show what this town is all about. 

Let us show the spirited creativity running though each of our featured small businesses. Let us show the simple pleasure of open air libations after a hard day's work. Let us show our wit, our talents, our taste. Let us show how bright we've been burning long before this spotlight was ever on.  


5400 Detroit Ave. in Cleveland's Gordon Square neighborhood



Thursday, 7/21: 6–10PM

Friday, 7/22: 6–10PM

Saturday, 7/23: 12–9PM

Sunday, 7/24: 11AM–3PM


Drink at our bar during all shop hours!

Cocktails by Happy Camper Bar Car / Beer by Early Bird Brewing


Thursday: Opening Night

  • Food vendors:
    • 6-10pm: The Spread, Six ShooterCoffee
  • Music
    • 9-10pm: Nate Jones & Jessica Shelter


  • Food Vendors
    • 6-10pm: The Spread, Six Shooter Coffee, Smooth Rider
  • Music
    • 9-10pm: TriHearn


  • Food Vendors:
    • 12-3pm: Cafe Arnone, Urban Sweetness
    • 4-9pm: The Spread, Umami Moto, Yana Gilbuen and The SALO Series
  • Entertainment


  • Sunday Market featuring additional vendors
  • Food Vendors:
    • 11am-3pm: Cafe Arnone, The Spread, Daily Press, Donut Lab