Who's New? May Flea brings 25 fresh faces.

More than any other month, we've got 25 NEW VENDORS at May Flea! There's Beving & Dall, who make upholstery modern, Ice or Rice with their Asian Comfort Food, Cleveland Street Glass (who forages for broken car windows), Lakewood Plant Company with their gorgeous and exotic greens, and even Wild Foot Studio who turned their 1975 Airstream into a traveling studio. Plus, Birthday Cake Macaroons from Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes. Do we need to say more? Give a big Flea Family welcome to these 25 newbies and show them just how much we love them.  

1. Beving & Dall: Upholstery / 2. Brookes & Hyde: Leather Goods  /  3. Cleveland Street Glass: Jewelry / 4. Dear Pennyroyal: Jewelry  / 5. Element [Shrub]: Cocktail Mixes /  6. Gifted Brand: Apparel / 7. Fiber Art by Erin / 8. Gospel Bird: Fried Chicken & Mac n Cheese

9. Ice or Rice: Asian Comfort Food / 10. Keats: Handcrafted Soaps / 11. Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes / 12. Lakewood Plant Co. / 13. Trademark'd / 14. The Whatknot Bow Tie Co.