Curated Gift Boxes!

Steph and I (Meg) worked on THE.MOST.INCREDIBLY.FUN project this afternoon at The Cleveland Flea's holiday pop-up market in n an attempt to do your hardest holiday shopping for you. We grabbed four empty boxes, created themes for each, and shopped our little hearts out in an attempt to make the most perfect, locally sourced, hand-made & vintage gift boxes you've ever laid eyes on. You can pick and choose your favorite items or snag everything on the list!

Here's what we came up with:

The Superbabe Box


This box is for the girl power loving lady in your life who's ready to kick off 2018 with a bang! She's your girlfriend, wife, best friend, favorite co-worker, sister or SIL. She may even be your boss! Whoever she is, she's one badass babe who you admire and love and you want her to know it. We filled this box full of her "New Year/New You" feminist must haves. 

1. "Eat More Donuts" Tee for obvious reasons by The Social Dept. - $25

2. Large and small quartz from Rock Candy to bring her greater clarity - $88 and $33 respectively

3. Smudge stick from Rock Candy to clear out negative vibes - $4

4. "Gems" notebook & pencil from Triple Threat Press for goals & dreams - $9 and $3

5. Vintage bowling pin hand lettered by H.L.O.S for her desk - $25

6. Camp mug candle by Sweet Dish & Darling - $25

7. Purse Tassle by Fount Leather Goods to hang on her favorite bag - $27

8. "Slay" brass money clip by Oceanne for all that dough she'll be rolling in - $28

9. "Nasty Woman" magnet by Fiber & Gloss - $4

10. "The Only Thing More Expensive Than Education Is Ignorance" print by Fiber & Gloss - $8

11. "My Body/My Bush" print by SORRY.  because apologies are not needed - $30

12. Super rare "pancake plant" with planter from Lakewood Plant Company because sometimes a good 'ole jade just doesn't cut it. Time to step up her game! $40

The Basically A Stranger Box


This box is my personal favorite as it covers every base. It's for the people in your life who you want to buy a gift for but whose tastes you're not that familiar with yet. It could be your mother in law, your neighbor, a newer friend, or an aquaintance who invited you over for a holiday party. Maybe it's your kids' teacher or the perfect thing to take to a secret Santa swap. Regardless of who it is, they are going to love the stuff we picked!

1. Vintage brass candlesticks from Articles Vintage to add something extra to any dining room table or mantle - $12 each

2. Hi. My name is Meg and I have a candle sniffing problem. Grab a few of these delicious smelling mini candles in a variety of unique scents like "Sunday Brunch" and "Rainy Day" by Sweet Dish & Darling - $5 each or 3 for $12 

3. Triple Threat Press wood ring coaster for beer & board game parties. - $9

4. Mini cactus from Lakewood Plant Company to light up any chilly windowsill. - $20

5. Pope's Pickles for those Saturday morning bloody Mary's or as a side dish with a burger and fries! $6

6. A set of vintage glassware from All Things For You for a truly unique gift that ANYONE would treasure. - (prices vary)

The Cleveland Lover Box


For Cleveland lovers both near and far, this box is for YOU! 

1. Jar of "Sideburns" by Randy's Pickles - $6

2. Cleveland wooden ornament from Inked & Dotted - perfect for the tree - $12

3. "The Land" magnet from Fiber & Gloss - $4

4. "Dortmunder Gold Lager" soap from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve in honor of our favorite... Great Lakes Brewery - $8.65

5. Hand knit drink cozie by Maroozi for coffee, tea, & beer lovers alike - $10

6. "Home" tea towel by Linda's Other Life - $14

7. Super cozy tee by Cuyahoga Collective to pair with sweats - $25

8. "Cleveland Rocks" small print/postcard by H.L.O.S - $3

9. West Side Market print by Papercutz to remind your friend of those giant apple fritters and insanely delicious falafel rolls - $20

10. "The Land" sweatshirt by Gifted which will become a new fave in like 1.1 seconds - $44

11. "Rustbelt" print by Rustbelt Relics to frame and hang somewhere prominent & proud - (ask for pricing)

The Impossible Boyfriend Box



If you're anything like me, then you may find yourself in love with someone who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. Either they already have "everything" or their tastes are ultra specific. Either way - you break out into a cold sweat when birthdays, anniversaries and holidays roll around because you want to get the perfect gift without spending your entire rent check, but you don't know where to begin! Don't worry. We've done the legwork for you.

1. Six pack carrier by Puzzle Pax so he can organize his craft brews in style. - $30

2. Wooden bottle opener by Puzzle Pax. - $20

2. Turkish robe with hood by Together Textiles in ocean blue for lazy Sunday mornings or Netflix & chill night at home. - $45

3. The Beautiful Game soccer print by SORRY. because he's into sports & soccer is a sport. Or maybe he's not into sports but he loves meat. They have a steak print too. Bam. He's vegetarian? They have mushrooms. And herbs. The bottom line is... they have something for everyone. - $20-$30

4. Hand-made, leather wallet by Wright & Rede so he can throw out the one he's been carrying since the 90's. - $72

5. "Merry Winter" candle by Everarbor to make his apartment or home smell like the forest floor after a snowstorm. - $15

6. Tiny succulent from The Lakewood Plant Company for his desk at work or his nightstand. - $5

7. MsCotti's Biscotti holiday box - softer than your typical biscotti but still perfect with black coffee. Pistachio is a favorite. - prices vary

*Photos taken by the amazing Julianna Arendash