The Golden Ticket: A Guide to Admission at The Cleveland Flea's Holiday Markets

Our November and December holiday markets are just around the corner, and we hope you're putting our events on your list! As with past winter events, The Cleveland Flea Holiday Markets are ticketed to keep vendors and customers safe and happy. But with each event lasting three days, it's tough to know which day is the best day for you to come and shop. For your reading pleasure, we're excited to share with you our handy, dandy, sweet-as-candy guide to admission at The Cleveland Flea's Holiday Markets.


These tickets are perfect if:

  • You like a good party... During November's bash we'll have live music performances by Jul Big Green and The Dreemers, and in December we'll get to enjoy Wesley Bright & The Honeytones and DJ Forrest Getem Gump.
  • You absolutely cannot wait to shop with your favorite vendors... you've had your eye on a bar cart that All Things For You shared on their Instagram for WEEKS.
  • You love being the first to try new drinks at The Flea Bar, run by Happy Camper Bar Car.
  • You hate waiting in line.
  • You work in the city, live in the country, and won't find yourself back in-town until Monday morning.
  • Crafting is like totally your thing: We have a free DIY party hat bar on-site for Friday ONLY!
  • The words "complimentary swag bag" make you weak in the knees... the first 300 people get one for free(1 per family)!


You'll want to choose this ticket option if:

  • You don't mind getting up early... doors open at 10AM!
  • You have something to do later in the day and want to have guaranteed shopping time before that... you get priority show entry before anyone who shows up without a ticket.
  • Workshops make you weak in the knees... Lush & Lovely Floristry is hosting TWO! Register now!
  • You love getting dressed-up and going out... our December Holiday Dress Party starts at 10AM, and features 10 vintage + handmade apparel and accessories vendors, a braid bar, and a bagels and bubbles (read:CHAMPAGNE!) cafe!
  • "Oh, Holy Night" is your JAM! We're going to have three talented choirs performing throughout the course of the morning
  • You want to shop before most other shoppers, but have an early bedtime on Fridays.


Our professional advice is to come on Saturday afternoon or Sunday(all day)if:

  • You don't mind waiting in line outside... there may be a rush during the free hours, so be prepared for people.
  • You're looking to save a buck...or five. Admission is free Saturday 1–6PM and all day Sunday.
  • You aren't an early bird... a casual atmosphere and shopping experience is more your pace.
  • Potentially missing out on the new, hot ticket items is fine by you. Many vendors sell out of limited edition items by Saturday morning.

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