#teamFLEA member celebrates Cleveland + Vendors

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Meet our guest blogger, Mackenzie Gerl!

Mackenzie Gerl is studying visual communication design and photography at Kent State University. She has travelled abroad to improve her photography and communications skills through programs with the university.

Mackenzie loves to travel but will always have a special place in her heart for her favorite hometown, Cleveland, OH.

She is dedicated to Team Flea and has a passion to give a voice to others through visual storytelling!

INSTAGRAM: @gerldesigns

Illustration by Mackenzie Gerl

Chances are, if you call yourself a Clevelander, you’re familiar with The Cleveland Flea. In September of this year The Cleveland Flea began a new endeavor on the East Side — The East Side Flea. The East Side Flea is just as magical as the traditional Cleveland Flea. Filled with vintage finds, handcrafted goods, and some of the tastiest cocktails, snacks, and desserts in all of Cleveland, you’re sure to find something you love (See a full list of participating vendors HERE!). The reason I say this event is so magical is because the Cleveland Flea is really a celebration. Clevelanders come out every month, rain or shine, 40 degrees or 90, to celebrate their city, and their local makers.

I get to experience this first hand as part of the event team. From the wonderfully supportive fellow event staff and flea bosses, to the bright and early flea goers, and even the flea pups, the flea is truly a magical place. I wanted to capture this with my illustration and show what ‘Cleveland grit’ is all about: hard work, celebration, and a little bit of magic.

— Mackenzie

The Flea on the East Side will be the outdoor finale of the season and will be hosted at the Van Aken District at 3401 Tuttle Road in Shaker Heights from 10am to 4pm this Sunday, October 21st.