Introducing The Cleveland Flea Food Hall!

Here at The Cleveland Flea, we consider it our jobs to cultivate and incubate small businesses. The growth of those businesses may include our vendors leaving The Flea as they acquire the skills to self-sustain. As a part of our ongoing efforts to support our vendors flying the coop, we are launching The Cleveland Flea Food Hall, a small batch snack cafe featuring food from Flea friends and vendors past and present. Three cheers for growth!



Mini Veggie Frittata
butternut squash, kale, and goat cheese
Created by Cleveland Field Kitchen

Mini Meat Frittata
bacon, shredded brussels sprouts, sweet potato, and sharp cheddar
Created by Cleveland Field Kitchen

Bagels & Schmear
Created by Cleveland Bagel Co.


Ice Cream Sandwiches
stroopwaffel cookie + salted caramel, apple cider + macaron, chai pumpkin + sugar cookie
Created by Mason's Creamery

goddell family maple + tom’s foolery bourbon, basic pumpkin spice, sicilian pistachio, 
fleur de sel caramel, rosemary milk chocolate, caramel apple
Created by Coquette Patisserie

Cinnamon Rolls
topped with cinnamon butter + sweet cream
Created by Bloom Bakery


crimson crisp, honeycrisp, gala
Grown at Quarry Hill Orchards

Apple Cider
pints, ½ gallon jugs
Created by Quarry Hill Orchards