Guest Blog: A Curated Spree at July Flea

Every so often we find a friend who has a way with words. Maybe they've got a blog of their own, or perhaps they're a closeted comedian. Who would we be if we didn't give them a shot to stretch their wings and write?  So, in that supportive way we know so well, please give a warm welcome to our guest blogger and Flea intern, Kat Holleran. Never was there a listicle we've been more ready to read than hers.

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October Flea-Cap: THANKS FRIENDS

What a gloriously beautiful day to end our 2015 Season. It's at once exciting (we had the BEST weather of the season) and brings a tear to our eye that another year is coming to a close. We love these vendors and our shoppers so much it hurts. We would be nothing without you all, so thank you for continuing to support us with whole hearts.  BUT DON'T FORGET TO STOP BY SUNDAY MARKET! We're having a Clam Bake this Sunday, from 10-4 in Hingetown. Reserve your clams!