How to Pull Off a Last-Minute Valentine's Day

Hey! I’m Emily, Creative Coordinator of the Cleveland Flea, and I’m here to tell you how to Valentine’s Day.

I’m the type of person to do everything last-minute, so it was only fitting that Steph would assign me the task of putting together a last-minute Valentine’s Day guide. When I say last-minute, I mean these are all things you can go out and get your significant other on, like, Saturday afternoon. You’ll look super thoughtful, and they won’t even know you almost forgot.

I spent a day pretending I wasn’t tragically single, and planned a romance-filled day of fun for my other half. Here’s how it went.

In my opinion, the best way to start off any special day is with a surprise. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to bagels (Cleveland Bagel Co.) and coffee (Nathan’s Coffee Roasting)? I also made this simple pennant banner that adds a thoughtful, handmade touch to the whole spread. Cute, right?

After a quiet breakfast with my special someone, I snuck out to pick up a few more little surprises. My first thought was flowers because, duh, it’s Valentine’s Day. I went downtown to visit the 5th Street Arcades, and stopped by Love, Anji. What better way to express your undying love than with flowers that also won’t die? Anji’s store was looking especially festive with rows of hand-crafted paper roses on display. If my relationship weren’t purely hypothetical, I’d have picked a whole bouquet. 

Since I was already in the building, I decided to stroll down to Happy Hour Collection to gaze at all the shiny objects. This store is full of the types of gifts I’d want on Valentine’s Day: vintage barware, fancy mixers, and cocktail recipe books. I managed to leave without spending anything on myself, but I did pick up a bottle of Pope’s Kitchen grenadine for after-dinner cocktails with my imaginary boo - how thoughtful and romantic of me!

By the time I made it back to our shared home, said boo had whipped up a lovely dinner for the two of us. We ate and we laughed and we gazed lovingly at one another. Then we sipped on some Pink French 75s I’d made using the Pope’s Kitchen grenadine, Watershed Four Peel Gin, and champagne. I even went so far as to garnish the drinks with raspberries using crafty little cupid’s arrow skewers I made myself - because, again, I’m super thoughtful and romantic.

And of course, what kind of Valentine’s Day would this be without some dessert? In my opinion, Piccadilly Creamery is the perfect end to any day.

So that's how I would do Valentine's Day. Like I said, there's still time to throw together a little something to make your special someone feel loved...or just treat yourself! 

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for reading :)