Small Batch: September Fall Flea Foods

The luxury of creating as a small business is the ability to try new things. Each month we feature our food vendors at The Cleveland Flea in a post titled “Small Batch”. Here we share what our food vendors are cooking-up special for this month’s crowds. Small Batch highlights seasonal, fresh, and limited edition food made just for you. Have a taste!

There’s no food more perfect for the Summer-to-Autumn transition than pie… apple pie, that is. Dig into Mama Jo Pies’ caramel apple walnut pie for your first taste of fall. Those with southern roots might also appreciate a slice of pecan pie–a buttery, nutty seasonal staple. 

You can pickle anything if you put your mind to it… but to make a great pickle it takes more than just a bit of vinegar. Randy’s Pickles brings pickling to a new level by moving beyond the cucumber. This month they’re packing us some pickled peppers. Try their “Dilly Peppers” on your brat or burger next tailgate. Like it hot? Chop-up some roasted garlic cloves, artichoke hearts, and a few “Disco Inferno Peppers” for a sweet and spicy tapenade. Looking for a fun take on the pickle? Put a pickle ring on each finger with peppercorn-flavored “Put a Ring on It Peppers”, or return to the classic cucumber with a $1 pickle-on-a-stick!

Some like it hot, some like it sweet… and some can’t decide which they prefer! For those indecisive drinkers, Molly's Crafted will have their apple ginger shrub cocktail mix to invoke the Autumn mood. This classic flavor highlights the sweetness of local apples and the spiciness of fresh organic ginger. Try it in a Moscow Mule or pair with bourbon and spiced rum!

As a kid, Fall was all about weekend camping trips in the woods. Feed that nostalgic side of yourself with Salt + Honey Baking Co.’s s’more bundt cakes. They’re a grown-up version of our favorite fireside snacks.

Eating healthy tastest great, and Cleveland Field Kitchen’s menu for The Cleveland Flea is proof. This month they’re serving-up: 

  • A classic BLT with local tomatoes and toasted bread with house made basil mayo and local greens, 
  • Kale salad with apples, pickled red onion, shredded cabbage, toasted almonds with goat cheese crumbles tossed in a fig vinaigrette
  • Assorted Melon with prosciutto, basil, balsamic drizzle
  • Apple slices drizzled with salted caramel

Nature really tastes amazing!

September in Cleveland… one day it’s eighty degrees, the next they’re warning of a freeze. Suit any climate with Inca Tea’s herbal teas brewed hot or cold to suit the weather of the changing seasons.

This September Pope's Kitchen is spicing up every drink with three new cocktail mixes: orange vanilla, orange habanero, and pumpkin spice cocktail syrups. Can you add pumpkin spice to a bloody mary? We’re gonna try! Non drinkers, grab a jar of fall fig and cocoa spread to enjoy on naan with goat cheese.