Small Batch: July 2016

The luxury of creating as a small business is the ability to try new things. Each month we feature our food vendors at The Cleveland Flea in a post titled “Small Batch”. Here we share what our food vendors are cooking-up special for this month’s crowds. Small Batch highlights seasonal, fresh, and limited edition food made just for you. Have a taste!

How long has it been since you last ate Spam? Well, take that count back down to zero after you try Ice or Rice’s Spam musubi. When you think about it, it’s kind of the perfect American dish. Like your mom used to say, just try it! 
If you caught our spot on Kickin’ it with Kenny last week then you already know how amazing Ice or Rice’s Japanese shaved ice is. Kenny couldn’t put it down! Kakigori, as it’s usually called, is served with either a strawberry, mango, or green tea syrup topping. We’ll take one of each!

Pie is just downright American… and it’s not just limited to the fan favorite apple flavor. Summer’s greatest gift might just be the variety of fantastic fruits and veggies that it grows for us, namely strawberries and rhubarb. Put ‘em together in a pastry shell and dang, if that isn’t one delicious dessert. Mama Jo Pies is well aware of our weakness for the pairing, and will have their own strawberry rhubarb pie for sale this Saturday. The cherry on top: select flavors are gluten-free! Pie for all!

Coffee is an all-year beverage, and our friends at Cold Bloom Coffee are well aware of this. They’re cornering the cold brew “toddy” market with their refrigerator ready 8oz. six-packs, ½ gallon growlers, and 1 gallon growlers. Tea fans should celebrate too: Cold Bloom also cold brews and bottles teas, both caffeinated and herbal. Our favorite is the summery pink hibiscus berry herbal. 


Why is it that the hotter it gets outside, the spicier we like our food? The world may never know, but Wholly Frijoles always knows fills our hearts, minds, and stomachs with a continuous love of central American cuisine with a modern spin. Not only will you get your fill of zest, but the fresh veggies in their dishes are perfect for those who are trying hard to fit into last year’s jean shorts.

We’re still trying to get over what a great idea that Brewnuts had when they combined their mutual love of beer and donuts into their namesake. What we keep forgetting is that their menu is seasonal, which means that while their Watermelon Mint donut is perfect for the summer, it might be gone come the next Flea! Stop by their booth on Saturday to be sure that you don’t miss what might be the most refreshing food with a hole in the middle that was ever made.