Small Batch: August 2016

The luxury of creating as a small business is the ability to try new things. Each month we feature our food vendors at The Cleveland Flea in a post titled “Small Batch”. Here we share what our food vendors are cooking-up special for this month’s crowds. Small Batch highlights seasonal, fresh, and limited edition food made just for you. Have a taste!

It’s not hard to get behind Coastline Bowls when you hear about their cause. This new-to-Cleveland food vendor sources the tropical fruits used in their blended bowls straight from the source. Their superfoods are grown by “supermoms”, or single mothers raising families while farming. Try a bowl blended with banana to sneak a bit more sweetness into your life!

Our neighbors from the northwest are bringing sweet treats to us in the form of jams, jellies, and preserves. We love the thought of Detroit Jam Co.’s raspberry rhubarb rose jam spread on a sugar cookie, all wrapped-up in an ice cream sandwich. It sounds like the perfect hammock snack!

We can’t deny it: the spectacle of watching cream, fresh fruit, and toppings turn into ice cream before your very eyes is awesome. But liquid nitrogen isn’t the only trick that Piccadilly Creamery has up their sleeve. The magic of their product is how they make something that tastes so good with such simple ingredients! Created with local, organic, ethically-sourced produce and dairy, Piccadilly Creamery is sweet in every way. Our hearts are captured by their strawberry balsamic ice cream.

Man can only drink so much water. When we’ve had so much H2O that we feel like we’re going to float away then we know it’s time to turn to our favorite summery drink to keep us hydrated. The effervescent bubbles and mango notes in Salute Kombucha’s “Sweet Heat” tickle our noses and tastebuds... and after all of those cookout hotdogs we happily welcome some probiotics into our lives. Last month they brought a keg of watermelon basin kombucha. If that wasn't good, then we don't know what is!

The Pierogi Lady is about to make all of your culinary dreams come true. Imagine this: pierogi tacos. Now snap out of it because THEY’RE REAL. Cloud nine, here we come!

Ohio is far from Hawaii in so many ways., but quality cool treats are right here in the midwest thanks to Maui Shaved Ice. Serving up refreshing shaved ice with colorful and flavorful syrups is their specialty. To top it off, all of their syrups are shipped directly from Hawaii, are made with pure cane sugar, and contain no high fructose corn syrup.