Real Men Wear Pink

By: Tony Winn


Real men and sloppy men are one in the same.

Real men upset their locker room the moment they slip on a pink top – they shrug off a shower of backhanded compliments with a casual smile.

Sloppy men wear pink after losing grip on an over- iced pink doughnut…. A klutz move indeed.

I fancy myself a unicorn, on this day I intentionally wore pink but managed to spill pink rosé on my shirt.

As I said, real men and sloppy men are one in the same.

On the cool corner of The Cleveland Flea, a flamingo colored stand will catch your eye and strike memories of every pink crayon you’ve ever held.

At the center of the pink glow sits the Flea Café, The Cleveland’s Flea version of the café experience. It’s a welcomed newcomer to the flea complete with a myriad of options and well-placed seating.

If pink is your thing, then this café is your childhood fantasy realized with adult options.

What this Café’ does is sell goodies from popular Cleveland venues and has them combined under one convenient roof.

Bottle service, pink doughnuts, pink cookies, rosé oh my!

The idea is this: everything is pink…. Everything!

They offer doughnuts from Brewnuts: raspberry, watermelon and champagne of course.

Cookies from Larder Delicatessen and Bakery – a rising star on the Cleveland culinary scene.

Ice cream sandwiches from Mason’s Creamery – a fan favorite.

On the drink side of things can you say bottle service?

Yes, at The Cleveland Flea you and your friends can have bottle service like the rock stars you are.

If you want the buzz and not the bottle – how about some Rosellini from Platform Beer Co?

Or how about some lavender lemonade from Tyler Village sensation, Byte Café?

Maybe a smooth rose bud latte from Cleveland Tea Revival?

And if you’re looking for that pick-me-up, set your sights on a cold brew from Guardian Cold Brew.

Options people! You have options! Lots and lots of options.

The Flea Cafe' is the new kid on the block that has some swag in its steps and that good soul on its feet!

Check it out this August Flea and pink out with me.

Pinky’s up!

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