Our Creative Clubhouse: The details

Dying to know what the Creative Clubhouse is all about? Let us tell you! 

Our Creative Clubhouse: Bringing women together to build confidence and share resources in order to help them become their dreamiest selves.

What does that mean exactly? 

The Creative Clubhouse is an incubator for female start ups. 

It offers women the space to build their business, confidence, & selves surrounded by the dreamiest supplies in the dreamiest of workspaces (not to mention other bada$$ women). 

How do you get involved with such a dreamy place? 

The clubhouse offers memberships that get you monthly access to the space, & social events. As well as drop-in options for one time use.

What do the memberships look like? 

Studio Desk

$175/ mo

  • Personal desk, chair + storage locker
  • 24-hour access to the space (except for time where the space is booked for private events, which is minimal and will always be communicated)
  • Access to Membership Events
  • Onsite Printer

All Access

$100/ mo

  • Weekly-access to the space during open hours
  • Hours of Operation
  • Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
  • Saturday 10am-5pm


$75/ mo

  • First Access to Membership Events (access 1 day early to RSVP). Some super special events might require actual ticket purchase  

  • Special designation within the space (ie biz is listed within CC)

  • 1 Membership Shoutout on Social Media

Drop In Options

  • Classic: $8
  • Access to space for full day (operating hours)
  • Social: Event Based Pricing
  • One time access to a social event of choice

How do you get a membership? 

First step: Apply here

Memberships go live June 1. In order to have access to purchase a membership you must first be accepted by Team CC & Founder Stephanie Sheldon (Drop-In Memberships will not require acceptance) . Upon acceptance you will receive a link to purchase your monthly membership! 


Want more details? Check out the website!