June Fresh Faces: Handmade and Vintage

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet!

*Note: This month we brought in SO MANY new vendors that we had to split up our feature. Check back for the next installment... FRESH FLEA FOOD!

Logan Schmitt Illustration

  • Who they are: Logan Schmitt creates hand-screenprinted art prints and gig posters featuring visual elements from the natural world.

  • Why we love them: From far-off, Logan’s work is a bit creepy… but up-close it’s full of fine details and complex linework. Beautiful.

  • Team Flea Pick: The Forest Spirit screen print features illustrated wildlife common to the parts of West Virginia where the artist grew up. Looking at it feels like going on an outdoor adventure… indoors!

Dreadnought workshop

  • Who they are: Dreadnought workshop is a line of men's accessories and jewelry inspired by history, nature, and maybe a little heavy metal. Originally a painter, owner Brett Lojzim found his true calling as a metalsmith. His work is simple and direct, handmade in Cleveland, and built to last.
  • Why we love them: They bring a little humor to wearables. We giggle every time we see their skull money clip slide over George Washington’s $1 portrait.

  • Team Flea Pick: Dreadnought workshop’s bullseye target bangle fits most wrists, is flexible for easy removal, and looks great with pretty much anything you could pull out of your closet.

Entwine Bridal

  • Who they are: Entwine Bridal’s owner, Lisa Yanofsky creates and designs handmade, nature-inspired adornments for the modern bride. Using precious metals, pearls, crystals, gemstones, and other natural materials, she crafts heirloom pieces that accent and embellish any bride's look.
  • Why we love them: They know how to balance bling, creating understated sparkle that lets the wearer’s beauty shine through.

  • Team Flea Pick: Bridal accessories are so specific to each person, which is why we love the literal flexibility of Entwine Bridal’s hair vine with crystals, pearls, and rhinestones. It can bend to fit into or around any hairstyle, and can also be pinned in place for a more seamless look.


  • Who they are: Ellebrux is a handmade business created with a love for color, surface, and craftsmanship. Owner Laura Brooks creates bold, colorful, geometric jewelry, landscape paintings, and other giftable goods.
  • Why we love them: Mixed media is our jam! The way that they combine so many materials in such a restrained way is the mark of true talent.

  • Team Flea Pick: Our dream home would feature walls packed with Ellebrux paintings… and we’d start with “Sun Babe II”, which features acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas in a light pine wood frame.


  • Who they are: GorgeousHenna is exactly what it’s namesake claims: beautiful mehndi!

  • Why we love them: They bring beautiful celebratory cultural practices to light every day through their art!

  • Team Flea Pick: There isn’t a wrong choice with henna… we’re partial to palm designs!


A Wool Story

  • Who they are: A Wool Story is a zero waste textile studio, with all products created using recycled, repurposed, and plant- based materials made slowly by hand in Detroit.
  • Why we love them: Their earth-conscious attitudes make us feel good about our purchases.

  • Team Flea Pick: A few of A Wool Story’s turmeric-dyed rope bowls scattered around the house are the new, stylish version of the junk drawer.


  • Anne Cate

    • Who they are: Founded in 2011 by young entrepreneur Anne Skoch, Anne Cate began merely out of a passion for creating. What started as a 13 year old selling simple canvas purses and jewelry at local craft shows turned into a LLC sewing studio producing hundreds of products monthly.

    • Why we love them: Anne might be one of our youngest–and experienced–vendors yet!

    • Team Flea Pick: It’s hard to be homesick when you pack an Anne Cate Cleveland Skyline pillow in our luggage!

Goldeluxe Jewelry

  • Who they are: Goldeluxe jewelry is a line of jewelry designed and handmade by Libby Hopper out of her studio in Detroit, MI. She uses lost wax casting and traditional metalsmithing techniques to create unique jewelry designed for versatility and daily wear.
  • Why we love them: Because SPARKLES. Need we say more?

  • Team Flea Pick: Animals always tug at the heartstrings of Team Flea, and half of the proceeds from Goldeluxe Jewelry’s Fauna Animal Rescue Benefit Earrings go to various animal shelters around Detroit.

Hell And Back Collective

  • Who they are: Cleveland’s own Hell And Back Collective makes flair and apparel, including enamel pins, woven patches, crop tops, and raglans...to name just a few items.
  • Why we love them: They’re moody and that’s okay.

  • Team Flea Pick: You’ll find us hand-stitching their “bitch and moan” patch onto the sleeve of our denim jacket… but, like, maybe don’t bother us. Cool?


Whiskertin lighting

  • Who they are: Whiskertin lights are hand-made in Akron, Ohio by Aaron Novak and Glenn Miller. Each light is individually crafted and painted by the duo.
  • Why we love them: No two lights are exactly the same!

  • Team Flea Pick: Get us a few of those bright cage lights. We’ll string ‘em up in the dining room over the table like a chandelier!

Champaign Paper

  • Who they are: Champaign Paper is a handmade paper goods company based in Ohio. They create beautifully detailed cards, prints, totes, notebooks, and more–all of which are hand-drawn and printed in their home studio.
  • Why we love them: They’re a family-run company! Too. Stinking. Cute.

  • Team Flea Pick: Graduating is scary… nobody likes being the little fish in the big pond. Support your grad as they continue into the future with Champaign Paper’s Gandhi quote card. We’re getting a lil’ misty just thinking about it!

Fiber and Gloss

  • Who they are: Run by full-time high school art teacher Katie Romanic, Fiber and Gloss sells a line of uniquely handmade home decor and accessories –from colorful abstract acrylic paintings to crocheted scarves–all made in wonderful Cleveland, OH.
  • Why we love them: Katie’s work is so colorful and upbeat!

  • Team Flea Pick: We wouldn’t mind waking up to see Fiber and Gloss’ floral “Home Grown” painting hanging on the wall across from us each morning.

Legend Headwear

  • Who they are: Legend Headwear has manufactured custom-made Cleveland baseball caps near the corner of 30th and Carnegie for over 30 years.
  • Why we love them: They take time to create really quality items. Instead of producing 10 products in one day, they flip it and reverse it.

  • Team Flea Pick: Legend’s pincord “Made in The Land Cap” traverses sports seasons, keeping the sun off of your face regardless of the time of year.


  • Who they are: Each of Hazelmade’s pieces starts with a hand illustrated design by Ohio based designer Susan Hazel Rich. Each product in the Hazelmade collection is printed in the Midwest with a commitment to partnering with other small and family-owned businesses.
  • Why we love them: Their products all effuse the beauty of spring, but are enjoyable year round!

  • Team Flea Pick: Some dads fish. For those dads, we’d recommend grabbing one of Hazelmade’s “Fly Fishing” greeting cards for Father’s Day.

Revealed Seams

  • Who they are: Revealed Seams is an online consignment store featuring collections and stories from “Revealers”, creative women who share similar beliefs in feminism and sisterhood.
  • Why we love them: Their mission is to inspire women to slow down, purchase smarter, and lessen their impact on the environment.

  • Team Flea Pick: Their vintage structured green dress makes us want to find a nice AirBnB in Thailand somewhere and hunker down with a long book for a bit.

Need we say more? Get your flea market fix at June Flea on 6/10(9am-4pm), then feed your face at our FIRST EVER Food Flea brunch market on 6/11(11am-4pm).