New & Noteworthy: July Flea

July hosts our fourth Flea of the season, just in time for us to get into the swing of summer. Bask in the beautiful goods that await us this month and then come shop with us, but not before you've slathered on the sunscreen and sported your sunnies. Safety first!

Some people have kids, some people have pets, and some people have plants. If you’re the latter, Honest Union wants to introduce you to their large plant holder. Standing 9" tall, the stand is sold with a complimentary 6" terracotta pot, and brings your green friends a bit closer to eye level.

Reconfigure your electrical options with Charged Outlets. Featuring Cleveland sports themed outlets this July, the electricians at Charged are always looking for ways to brighten-up your day. Not rooting for the home team? Customize your faceplate color to make your own!

After much popularity during previous Fleas, Cool Critters is bringing back their rockstar plushie series. This time they’re featuring cuddly creatures that remind us of KISS… miniature Gene Simmons tongue included.

Summer is hot. Those of us who prefer a darker wardrobe–read: all black, all the time–don’t worry. We’ve got you. Beat the heat and still look hot in Odyssey and Oddity’s black triple-layered wooden bead necklace.

A first time vendor this month, NoBasis Co.’s brand is unapologetically bold, and they’re inviting Flea shoppers to join the party.. This July they’ll be bringing their Design Lab Boutique to the Cleveland Flea, where shoppers will have the opportunity to print their own bold statements and express themselves on NoBasis t-shirts, tank tops, tote bags, and more.

Summer school has never been as cool as when we relearned the alphabet with Lady Noel’s ABCs of Powerful Women print series.

Light and fluffy, handmade marshmallows are pretty much the quintessential summertime candy. You can roast them over the campfire, toast them on top of a pie, or eat them straight up! Thankfully Sugar Bomb Confections is at July Flea to help us get our fix. Pick up a pack of your own for your next late-night campfire and then chow down!

The next full moon just happens to fall on July 8. Green the bright and shining night sky in earrings inspired by the sun and moon by Océanne. They’re the perfect accessory for hot summer nights when you don’t feel like wearing much of anything.

The earth deserves better than the waste that we make from factories, over consumption, and fast fashion. That’s why we really dig American Eagle Antiques. They reclaim formerly industrial machinery and materials and convert them into household furniture. Take their rustic coffee table created from a converted industrial cylinder cart, or their hardwood strip recipe book/ipad holder for hands-free kitchen projects. Consume with a conscience!

Triple Threat Press debuts their new “Make Something” 5x7 print series at July Flea. Perfect for the artist in everyone, you’ve got your pick of gardening, baking, sewing, carpentry, drawing and painting, and musical collages inspired by oldschool patent art and antique wood engravings. Choose a few to bundle together as a gift for the Jill-of-All-Trades in your life.

Venus in Aquarius Apothecary introduces their Full Moon Body Elixir featuring sweet almond oil infused with whole roses, hibiscus, lemon peel, with added apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, rose absolute, sandalwood, neroli, and ylang-ylang. If there’s one product that will make you smell like the goddess you know yourself to be, this is it!

Shop all of these vendors–and so many more–during July Flea on July 8, 2017.
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