New & Noteworthy: Fresh Merch for the Final Flea of 2016

The western wind is blowing the old season out and welcoming winter to our midst. With that new season comes new merch. Join us December 9-11 to get some for yourself, but in the meantime enjoy this little teaser of our fresh picks for December Holiday Market.

Matte is the new black. Get your fix of the low-key frosty finish on Clear Blur Design’s seasonal mugs and bowls debuting at The Cleveland Flea December Holiday Market. Inspired by this year’s breathtaking fall skies, they’re a delicate way to fill your cabinets with elegance.

Infuse your winter wardrobe with a little bit of summer. Christmas-y cactus studs by Odyssey & Oddities are a delicate way to pay homage to the warmer months without packing-away your favorite sweater.

Take technology home with Honest Union’s new 3D Printed Tabletop Plant Holders, made from biodegradable plastics created using renewable resources. Each plant holder cradles a terracotta pot planted with a tiny succulent.

Holiday partyware doesn’t need to mean dressing in ugly sweaters, as fun as it may be. Take a classier leaf from a vintage book by sporting a one-of-a-kind statement necklaces from Sherry Darling Jewelry. Made with vintage beads, each piece is unique enough that you won’t find anyone else at your office soiree sporting the same… which is more than Alex in his santa hat can say. Pssht… Alex.

Makers make for themselves, too! Gift your closest creator or best busybody an 8x10 “Do All Of The Things” letterpress print by Triple Threat Press. Hang it in the studio, and fill the desk drawers with their quotable copper foil hex pencils for a laugh while working.

Modeled after an early 20th century map case, The Lamplighter Messenger bag by Wright and Rede is the ideal gift for the gentleperson in your life who may or may not need to trade-in that Jansport they’ve been lugging around since high school.

Seasonal body care can mean preparing yourself to fight the elements, but it can also just mean taking time for self care. Treat yourself with limited edition Peppermint Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub and Cinnamon + Sugar Lip Scrub by Revival Body Care. Now, how about a little Netflix...

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