New & Noteworthy: August Flea

It's almost time for August Flea, when we'll be relishing the last days of summer while the days still seem endless. Join us outside for a bit as we relax in the warm air, stretched out at our favorite sunning spots along the lake. Don’t think about back to school just yet. No, this is the moment to soak up the season and add a few more freckles to your face.

This August, enter in a raffle to win a FOUNT Petite Bellfield Tote in the color of your choice, complete with Tassel and Leather Cream($351 value). Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50, and all sales will be donated to cover the cost of supplies and monthly art classes taught by teaching artists organized by the Center for Arts Inspired Learning to the 180 3rd and 4th grade scholars at Village Preparatory School, Cliffs Campus, located in Tyler Village. Purchase your tickets in-person during August Flea, or online here. The winner will be chosen at the end of August!

Fiber and Gloss knows that the best way to start your day is with a positive mindset. Indulge your inner optimist with their “Enjoy Today” original acrylic painting on canvas.

It’s August, which means that we all feel like melting in the bright rays of the sun. Instead of dreading the weather and pining for the seasonal shift, try embracing the feverishness of it all by surrounding yourself with drippy glazed pots and planters by Brian Giniewski. We’re a fan of his “cookies and cream” colorway. It makes us want an ice cream cone real bad.

Speaking of ice cream… Wizard of Oddz has some super rare soft serve ice cream cone blow molds for sale at August Flea. Get there early to buy one for yourself before they’re all eaten up!

The last days of summer mean catching all the remaining ball games that you can! Root for the home team in a Little Chicago Clothing Company retro block “C” unisex jersey stripe tee, available for your end-of-season watch parties in-person during the August Flea!

Summertime is the season when even the most tried-and-true cocktail drinkers order a beer to keep cool. Brewers rejoice! Your time has come. Wear your heart on your sleeve–or the wall behind your backyard bar–with a hand-lettered Ohio bars and breweries wooden wall hanging, expertly crafted by Seaworthi.

So you went to the game. You ate the hotdogs. You drank the beer...but you didn’t apply the sunscreen. Find comfort that Venus in Aquarius Apothecary has your back–your very, very red back– with their soothing “Sundown” all-natural after sun relief mist. Spray on, lay down, take a nap, drink some water, and feel better.

We remember what it felt like spending the summer with your best friend, marching out to the end of the pier at Huntington Beach, daring each other to drink the “suicide soda” the other one concocted at that really crummy pizza place. Commemorate those memories by gifting bestie a “Soul Sisters” adjustable stamped brass bangle by Oceanne, and don’t forget to grab one for yourself, too!

Hosting one last patio party before the chill sets in? Treat your guests–and yourself–to some great aperitifs served in some great glassware. Held Ceramics has the perfect vessels to hold whatever your libation may be in their one-of-a-kind “crater cups”, featuring an interior satin, ivory glaze and exterior sage green crater glaze that gives the cup a lovely textured feel. Cheers!

Make a statement in lightweight, voluminous, and strong silver accessories by Tiny Erica Jewelry. Style their airy seedling threader earrings into your everyday uniform, or step things up a notch with a matching necklace for more high-brow occasions.

Before the kids go back to school be sure to plan one more outing to the Metroparks, where you can take stock of the beautiful flora that Cleveland has to offer. Wildlife is harder to come by in these parts, but a Cool Critters monster is furry, friendly, and can legally come home to live with your family! Stock your personal fauna collection at August Flea!

Just because you aren’t going to school anymore doesn’t mean that you’re left out of the back-to-school supply shopping experience! Buy yourself a new bag by Bella Studio. Might we suggest one of their cowhide cross-body bags, now with longer straps for hands-free shopping?

Shop all of our vendors during August Flea, from 9am-4pm on 8/12.