New Friends at Friendsgiving: Rookie Flea Vendors this November

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet! 

  • Who they are: Black Branches creates photographs and illustrations that speak to the beauty of the natural world.

  • Why we love them: The photography of Black Branches’ creator finds its way onto so many different types of products, so it’s easy to integrate your favorite images into your everyday life.

  • Team Flea Pick: There’s a sheen that flashes across the surface of Black Branches’ deer art print on 100% recycled aluminum… it nearly seems alive.

  • Who they are: B. Radley creates fun ceramic jewelry specializing in cat lady chic and state pride.

  • Why we love them: They use really sophisticated materials like porcelain and gold glaze to create bold, yet fun, merchandise.

  • Team Flea Pick: Who doesn’t love a black and gold pairing? This gold-dipped porcelain pendant necklace adds a bit of sparkle to any outfit, taking your ensemble from “dinner with the folks” to “late night NYE bash”!

  • Who they are: Valley Cruise Press creates wearable art and accessible design through the power of zines, enamel pins, patches, and paper products.

  • Why we love them: Their products let us literally wear our hearts on our sleeves. The hard part is choosing between patch and pin!

  • Team Flea Pick: Valley Cruise Press’ pumpkin candy pin is a fun bit of fall flair. Shout out to The Cleveland Flea’s office manager, Elizabeth, whose obsession with pumpkin candy’s cousin, candy corn, has us a little worried…

  • Who they are: Little Korboose draws on modern minimalist design traditions with a distinctive playful twist to create houseware standards and accessory staples.

  • Why we love them: Their merch is simple yet seasonal. We’re suckers for the minimal, repetitive, and classic black-on-white. Dress it up with your own pop of color!

  • Team Flea Pick: Thanksgiving Kitchen Prep is never glamorous, but the Little Korboose Feather Organic Cotton Tea Towel gives the illusion that you’ve got it together. You TOTALLY thawed the turkey… yeah, totally...

  • Who they are: Lorraine's Cottage handcrafts goods inspired by artistic tranquility to adorn your gifts and adorn your home.

  • Why we love them: Their housewares combine simplistic materials to create a warm and welcoming vista.

  • Team Flea Pick: The Joy modern wall hanging ain’t your mama’s Christmas wreath!