May Fresh Faces: Food!

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet!
***We had so many new vendors this May that we busted-up the new vendors into two posts. First up: FOOD!***

The Vegan Doughnut Company

  • Who they are: The Vegan Doughnut Company is a shared creation of sisters Kyra and Kharisma. They spread love and compassion with the Cleveland community through cruelty-free vegan doughnuts.
  • Why we love them: They’re not just good at making vegan doughnuts… they’re good at making doughnuts (that just happen to be vegan)
  • Team Flea Pick: Lemon and Lavender yeast-raised doughnuts are our JAM!

The Square Scullery Food Truck

  • Who they are: Owners Matt and Heather are just a couple of kids from Akron slinging badass, farm fresh, made-from-scratch menus.
  • Why we love them: Their menu offers what they call  "indie comfort food", otherwise known as elevated approaches to everyday favorites.
  • Team Flea Pick: Mark us down for ten orders of goat cheese and chickpea fritters!

The Croqueteria

  • Who they are: Debuting their business at The Flea, The Croqueteria is a family-run team with goals broaden local palettes, fill bellies, and grow smiles.
  • Why we love them: They introduced us to croquetas: savory béchamel centers encrusted in panko breadcrumbs, with flavors ranging from Maplewood Smoked Bacon to Calamari in squid Ink.
  • Team Flea Pick: Order yourself some croquetas con gambas de ajillo(garlic shrimp). You’re welcome.

Paladar/Bomba Tacos & Rum

  • Who they are: The chef-driven, taco-based menu features antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins with nearly 20 taco varieties, craft-your-own guacamole, Tortas (Latin Sandwiches), shareable snacks, rice bowls and affordable lunch options.
  • Why we love them: Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options make BOMBA an excellent choice for anyone with independent nutritional needs. BOMBA also offers a unique kid’s menu for family dining.
  • Team Flea Pick: Four words... spicy. shrimp. rice. bowl.

BabyMunch Organics

  • Who they are: BabyMunch is the all-natural baby food that moms are proud to serve and babies love to eat. They strive to ignite food curiosity in infants through the early introduction of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Why we love them: Baby food doesn’t have to be bad tasting… better baby food is out there! Introduce fun flavor profiles to your littles early on and they’re less likely to shy-away from healthy habits!
  • Team Flea Pick: Gimmie A Beet is a sweet mango puree with the bold flavor of beets and a hint of cinnamon is sure to excite your little ones taste buds.

Batter Sweet Bakery

  • Who they are: Owner Christopher Foxworth uses local ingredients in the creation of Batter Sweet Bakery’s baked goods, including products from other local vendors.
  • Why we love them: They take the classics and amplify their best parts with contemporary spins on the recipes.
  • Team Flea Pick: Batter Sweet Bakery’s oatmeal pies take us back a time when the best class at school was lunch… maybe it still is?


Shellabella's LLC

  • Who they are: Shellabella’s serves-up restaurant-manufactured signature dill vinaigrette.
  • Why we love them: You can use it for salads, fish, potato salad, or as a glaze on meat. Bye bye, grocery store condiment aisle!
  • Team Flea Pick: Just try the vinaigrette!