Kindness, Commitment, Bravery, Focus– let's take a look at the superpowers of #TeamFlea.

Each member of #TeamFlea is exceptional- in many ways- but usually in one super major way. We spent Monday morning sharing what WE thought each person’s superpowers are- and discussing ways in which we could be more kind, brave, committed, focused.

A successful life, business, relationship, project takes more than just a set of plans. It takes focus to do the world that the plan lays out. It takes kindness (to yourself and others) to not lose your mind on your way to success. It takes bravery to even say yes in the first place. And it takes commitment to stick with it until you get to the finish line.


Sammy has an extensive social calendar. She’s planning her wedding in Italy. She creates event plans for us in Flea HQ that are not only beautiful but they’re full of super-specific details. She’s a part-time fitness instructor at GrooveRyde. And she’s also Director of Operations on Team Flea.

How DOES she do it all and look flawless at the same time? Well, first she DOES have good genes. I can say I’ve personally met her mother, grandmother, father and aunt and the family looks good. However, the genetics don’t end at looks. Her family is a family of hustlers who hustle with heart. And so is she.

So, maybe she was born with some of it but she also practices a ton self-discipline, positive mindset and focus. Sammy is detail-oriented, committed to the tasks at hand and one of the hardest workers I know.


  • PEACE + QUIET | Choose a setting that allows you to focus- you can be sure to find Sammy in her office (it’s super adorable, sure, but she stays in there to avoid the hustle and bustle of the flea offices) with her air pods in. She likes quiet and she sets herself up for it.

  • TECH TOOLS | Structure + Plan your day / week / month and stick to the plan. Get tools like calendar apps or even to-do lists that help you plan where you have be and what you have to get some so you’re never wondering, “Am I supposed to be somewhere right now?”

  • PRE-PACK SOME ENERGY | Sammy always has snacks on hand that are nutritious and packed with energy, like Nooma, water or RX Bars. Focus requires lots of brain power. So give yourself the right fuel.


Sam is cool under pressure. He’s also funny and kind and can bring almost anyone from tears to belly laughing, just by being him.

How DOES he do it? In our business, I can assure you that there is plenty to be stressed about. From the super early mornings to grumpy under-caffeinated vendors to the weather (which only sometimes cooperates).

Sam is intentional with his practice of kindness toward EVERYONE. And we’re such a stronger, loving, effective team for it.


  • EMPATHY | He stops and thinks to himself, “If I was this person, how would I be feeling?” That immediately connects Sam to the plight of the vendor who forgot to charge any of their devices or decided to park their car in a no-parking zone or forgot their cash box at home. You see, small biz owners need lots of compassion and care. They’re people just like you and me, except they’re also climbing to the top of their own mountain- and it’s pretty rocky terrain out there. Empathy helps us be helpful to others. And you know what that usually does? It helps a small business owner know that we’re on their side. It de-escalates their high emotion and brings us all to a place where we can creatively problem solve together.


Liz is always doing fun stuff with her grandma- like jumping out of planes on a whim, for example. She’s been known to buy a one-way ticket to Bolivia telling her boyfriend that if he wanted to date her, he’d need to wait ‘til she got back. Luckily for Chad, upon return Liz decided that she would, in fact, marry him.

How DOES she do all these brave things? Like Sammy, it seems to run in the family, but that also requires practice daily, as Liz is always looking for the next summit to climb, the next challenge to take.


  • “I always think to myself, ‘Who do I really want to be today? Who do I want to be in the world'?’ and then based on that, I take the leap.”


There’s just no way this business would exist if I wasn’t HIGHLY committed. Beyond belief. No matter the lack of resources. Or support. While I’m publicly shamed and criticized. During times of financial drought and even when I was existing on 4 hours of sleep for weeks on end.

Now, I’m not saying we should sacrifice EVERYTHING for our dreams, but when you’re not that good at it, stuff will take you longer. Things will be harder. You’ll make mistake after mistake after mistake.

Will you have the grit to stay committed?


  • Realize it’s supposed to be hard. Stop resisting. Stop whining and complaining. Ask for help when you need it. Get sleep when you can no longer go without it. But find a way, any way, to stay committed. Direct all your energy and efforts at STAYING committed. Whatever that means for you.