It's the slush that dreams are made of

Right now, there's a dream coming true at Porco Lounge. Ingredients for Limon Dee — think key lime pie, blended with love and rum — are being mixed, whipped and frozen to become The Cleveland Flea's inaugural boozy slushie flavor.

That's right! It's finally here. The boozy slush machine was a cornerstone of our #BuildTheFlea Kickstarter and, we're pretty sure she's happy to admit, Flea Founder Stephanie Sheldon's dream come true.

It's not just about booze and icy treats. Just stepping up our game, in a very cool way. Dog days of summer are here. The Flea Bar is equipped to keep you chilled. And what cooler way than partnering with our first boozy slushers, Porco Lounge?

Porco Lounge (2527 West 25th) is the Tiki bar tucked between Ohio City and Tremont that honors Polynesian cocktail traditions with fresh-squeezed juices, fine spirits and house-made mixes. Like Limon Dee!

Each month, we hope to host new flavors, work with flavor-makers around Cleveland and even welcome some head-to-head boozy slush throw-downs to challenge local mixologists to make pretty much the best frozen drinks, ever.


We'll be using those boozy slushies to raise a toast to the first waves of tables, benches and bar furniture, funded by the #BuildTheFlea Kickstarter!

You'll also see the THANK YOU mural, painted at June Flea by Cleveland artist Garrett Weider, and have a chance to pick up backer rewards. Please stop a second at the mural to take a picture of yourself (maybe with your #CLEFleaTreasures) and tag/share it with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.