Itinerary for the Coffee-Drinking, T-Shirt-Loving Flea Shopper

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Emily Draher (@casualcontrast) is a blogger, mother and coffee-drinker, living in Cleveland, OH. A sucker for a good t-shirt and quirky mugs, she’ll be heading to Spring Flea with her husband and 15-month-old daughter, Mildred Fern.

Emily is a seasoned Flea shopper and put together these tips and highlights to help you make the most of our two-day event.

Let’s start with three simple tips: 1) Wear your baby. Leave the stroller at home. 2) Bring a cloth bag (the easier to carry your #fleatreasures). 3) Relax, and let the great energy of the event inspire you!

Emily’s Five (and a Half) Must-Dos at Spring Flea:


STOP 1: Coffee + Pups

First things first, the Flea Cafe for some Rising Star Coffee! I must be caffeinated for the proper Flea experience. While sipping my delicious beverage, I will pet a few pups at the City Dogs booth next door.


STOP 2: The Cutest Cookies Ever (Also: Gluten Free)

What goes great with coffee? Cookies! Little Red Bird Custom Cookies features the cutest gluten-free cookies and they are delicious. Plus, they’re funfetti! The only thing sweeter than the cookies is the baker creating them. Sarah is a doll.


STOP 3: Local Lake Love

Next, I’m heading straight to Shore Society for one of her new logo tees I saw on Instagram! Rachael’s products are all so aesthetically pleasing and satisfy the Lake-lover in me. The list of awesome t-shirt designers (and vintage options!) at the Flea is long this spring. I couldn’t be more excited.


STOP 4: One-of-a-kind Functional Ceramics

Coffee drinkers are always on the search for that perfect mug. And I need a good hand-thrown mug in my collection. I can’t wait to check out the pieces Billy Ritter 77 is bringing to Spring Flea.


STOP 5 — and 5.5: Lunch + a Sweet Treat

The lunch choices (both booth and truck) are plenty — and my decision will be a game-time one. Whatever it is will have to pair well with Instagrammable photos by the colorful brick wall and a sweet treat from Bitchy Vegan Homo (who bakes the Best Damn Brownie around).