Say "Hello" to the Holidays, and New Vendors at December Flea!

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet! 

  • Who they are: Honest Union creates unique and functional housewares combining 3D printed plastic elements with other materials including steel, wood and cork.  These products are Scandinavian inspired evoking a clean, modern feel. The biodegradable plastics used are derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane.   
  • Why we love them: They’re makers with a conscience. Not only are they using technology to help our homes look better, but they’ve found ways to do that while still preserving the environment.
  • Team Flea Pick: Their 3D-printed “Task Light” is both beautiful and adaptable to the surface you place it on. Clamp it to any normal table top and VOILA! It’s suddenly a functioning, well-lit desk!


  • Who they are: Ice + Jam fuses bold color & luxe ingredients with a dash of wit to create rule-breaking beauty products with one goal in mind: empower your lips.
  • Why we love them: Their products don’t play around. You think you’re buying one product, but you actually get four: lipstick, lip primer, brow shaper, and a mirror to help with application! Damn, girls!
  • Team Flea Pick: “Ouch Ouch, You’re On My Hair”... yeah, you read that right. The light pink/peach shade of lipstick is a party girl’s dream, and the sassy name doesn’t hurt, either. Wink wink, nudge nudge!

  • Who they are: Lush & Lovely is a Cleveland-based a retail flower shop in the historic neighborhood of Ohio City that celebrates the romantic and bountiful world of flowers and design.
  • Why we love them: They work with American grown flowers from neighboring and national flower farms, and Ohio grown when the seasons allow.
  • Team Flea Pick: Their swags are on-point! We just love their swags, an old take on the ever-so-popular wreath… rejuvenated!

  • Who they are: Neck & Tie exists to provide small batch, quality neckwear within in the context of social awareness and compassion for people. Their products are designed and produced with the main intent to make something beautiful, both in their product and in the people around them.
  • Why we love them: They think beyond the bowtie: 10% of every sale goes to a local organization, charity, or person.
  • Team Flea Pick: we love the playful/professional air of their “Prost” silk necktie in black, featuring hand-painted silk. 

  • Who they are: Established in 1931, Quarry Hill Orchards is a family-owned farm in the rolling hills of Berlin Heights, Ohio.
  • Why we love them: Quarry Hill Orchards puts delicious nature at our fingertips! 
  • Team Flea Pick: We’re huge fans of their hand-pressed, UV-processed apple cider pints. They’re perfect for sipping while strolling!

  • Who they are: So Sweet! is here to cast out the preconception that gluten free foods are not as pleasing as those with gluten. Each item is created for you to enjoy the same tastes and textures you remember and crave without forfeiting your health in the process. 
  • Why we love them: Their gluten-free goodies are the kinds of hostess gifts that you can give without worrying about dietary restrictions or allergies!
  • Team Flea Pick: Save us some soft salted caramels! Individually-wrapped in wax paper in perfectly portioned bite sized sweets, those caramels can get stuck in our sweet tooth any time!

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