Healthy Eats @ the Flea

Healthy Eats @ the Flea

by guest blogger (& secret Flea Food Critic) Tony Winn

It’s only after eating your weight in all things BBQ that one spends their night lying in bed murmuring… I should have eaten something healthier.

Normally, when I go to the Flea, it’s a free for all: A chocolate fueled rave, with quesadilla dreams! However, as summer reaches down and places its warm hands on my shoulder moments after I’ve seen the 1000th post about getting my beach body ready - I’m leaning towards getting something healthier next time at the Flea.

Fortunately for you, here’s a guide that spells out some of the healthier options at the Flea.


Smooth Rider LLC – Imagine you’re walking around The Flea: It’s hot, you’re melting like witch to water and you want something to cool you down. You turn to the left and what do you see? Smooth Rider LLC, your knight in shining armor. This place is known for their healthy, tasty smoothies; my personal hangover fix. With a focus on fresh ingredients their healthiest smoothies are dairy free, vegan, soy-free, gluten free, using non-GMO all-natural organic yogurt made with organic coconut milk with probiotics. It’s a choice you can feel good about. Might I recommend their kokomo kale smoothie?

Manna Food Truck -  Aside from being a food truck that is morally strong (they intentionally provide job opportunities to the less fortunate) What I love about this place is they have variety – they cater to all types of eaters (Hence this is a great option for you and your pork-rind-loving friend AKA me). For those that are searching for healthier options, might I recommend their Greek chicken wrap with a side of cous cous salad. It’s light, healthy and ego-friendly.

The Square Scullery -  You’ll be elated to know that the Square Scullery has your back on the quest for all things healthy. You see, one of the knocks of trying to eat healthy is the options are limited and sometimes come across as drab. Brace yourself: this award-winning food truck brings variety to the table. Insert their spring menu: Chicken or veggie curry, kimchi pancakes and chorizo & sweet potato frittata w/ arugala & yogurt. Be prepared to let your taste buds run wild.

Raw Trainer – On and off the court (The Flea…just role play with me) Raw Trainer is your friend. Their focus is 100% plant-based meals with attention on keeping the nutrients intact. If you’re healthy minded, this place is your oasis. Along with serving food at the Flea they do home deliveries too – thus they take the work out of cooking – score!

Cleveland Field Kitchen – Six words: Braised. Pork. Sammy. Thank. Me. Later. Of all the sandwiches that have made me smile, this one has my face frozen in time.  With spicy braised pork shoulder, cilantro pesto, candied jalapeños, pickled red onion and greens on a baguette, how can you go wrong?

Ohio City Soup Co – In a world that wants you to eat a sandwich, frankly, sometimes you want soup. You-know-what-I’m-sayin’? Ohio City Soup Co is your friend you didn’t know you had. They serve up vegan, gluten free soups that hits the spot. Too all my soup people, let me declare this is your destination.