Grab one, grab all!

Clare again!

At this point of the season I bet your gifting think-tank has EXHAUSTED! Don't you wish you could reach into a bag and pull out perfect presents for everyone on your list? Fortunately, I've made that happen! I've created "Holiday Grab-Bags" that allow you to look before you choose! Pretty neat, huh? Each item has been pulled from the inventories of our various vendors who will be at our LAST holiday market. Refuel with brunch as you buy this Sunday so you're fully charged to knock out everything on your list!

Sneak a peak into the bags I've assembled and grab with ease! Just a warning, they'll have you thinking thoughtful! You might find yourself picking out something for your second cousin, twice removed or even your landlord's girlfriend (that might be a stretch). No matter the person, there's a gift here for them! So grab one, grab two...HECK, grab 'em all!

P.S. Please don't forget about yourself! You deserve it!!



1.  K. Nicole Studio   (Lone Pine, Off Center- Hand Screenprinted Shirt)

2.   True Stitches Brand  (Knit Wrap Scarf) 

3. Piper & Stone  (Clevelanfd Tee)

4.    The Style Foundry  (Cream Tie Cardigan)

5.   Little Birdie Design Studio ( Chunky Knit Pom-Pom Hat) 

6.  Tenden ( Standard Tote)

7.  Lil Burritos  (Avocado Family Onesie)



1.   5am Press (Pop-Up Book)

2.  B. Radley (Gold Dipped Earrings)

3.  Letterpress Jess (Holiday Card)

4.  Ann Cate   (Cleveland Skyline Cosmetic Bag)

5.  Eleven X Seventeen Poster Co.  (Movie Poster)

6.  Sarah Harste Weavings  (Woven Wall Hanings)

7. Slainte Home (HandCrafted Kitchen Items)

8. Andrew Heath Designs & Illustrations (Limited Edition Screenprint)

9. Chris Deighan Art (Inverted Clevelamd Rock History Drawing)

10. Foundry Woodprints (PlayhouseSquare Coaster)

11. Whiskerton (Lucy in Space iPhone Case) 



1.  The Sophie Ness (Protector Moon Amulet)

2. The Circle Craft (Kitty Ring)

3. Sarah Krisher Studio  (Statement Circle Earring)

4. Taylor'd Metals (Holiday earrings)

5. Sasha Textiles (Adjustable Simple Braclet)

6. Dinky Dog (Vintage Brooch)


Join ME this Sunday, December 17 from 10-5PM! The

market is free all day and I hope you are too! We're

located at:

3333 Lorain Ave. 


Look, grab, GO!