Who's New for June Flea?

Alright. We checked and re-checked the forecast for this Saturday: 79 and mostly sunny with not even a one-percent chance of doom. So let’s get back to saying #HelloSummer by going new-vendor-booth-picking. 

  • Who they are: A made-to-order bakery/cafe that tailors to your special dietary needs; Gluten free, Vegan, and traditional options are available.
  • Why we love them: When you’ve made the decision to dine vegan or gluten free, it’s hard enough crafting your own menu of goodies at home, let alone finding bakeries that offer gluten free or vegan options on their menu. However, Florressa Cafe meets everyone’s dietary needs, making it easy to celebrate your mornings with a tasty blueberry muffin, and whether that's a gluten free, vegan, or classic muffin, you’d never know the difference!
  • Team Flea Pick: There is nothing that screams summer time quite like their Coconut Lime Cupcakes.

  • Who they are: A small-batch jam company that locally sources, produces, and sells exclusively in Northeastern Ohio. They make their jam specifically in small batches of no more than 12 jars per batch. By producing small batches of jam, Runcible Spoon is able preserve their tasty flavors, deep purples and oranges, and elegant textures that couldn’t be passed on to the buyer if they produced these jams large batches!
  • Why we love them: Let’s face it, we are all tired of reaching for the same bland, name brand jar of strawberry jam in our refrigerators every morning (we, and our English Muffins, deserve some more variety in the A.M). Runcible Spoon supplies you with uncommon, delicious flavors that are created out of classic pairings such as peach and vanilla, and enhanced with the addition of a variety of herbs, liqueurs, and other ingredients that deepen your senses.
  • Team Flea Pick: We fell in love after one bite into our morning muffin swiped with their Blueberry-Cassis Jam––a tart, yet incredibly rich, deep purple blueberry-blackberry jam that really knows how to jam.

  • Who they are: Horrible Adorables are colorful wool felt, faux taxidermy mounts of strange creatures that capture the imaginations of both children and adults alike. 

  • Why we love them: You have the option of personalizing your horrible, yet totally adorable, creature on a made to order basis. You can personalize your creature to fit the color theme of a room, or choose your child’s (or hubby’s!) two favorite color combinations to create the perfect little creature that everyone is sure to love. 

  • Team Flea Pick: We love the idea of being a part of the creation process and picked the ‘Sweasel Medium Mount Kit’ - $150  (Team Flea TIP: Consult Jordan and Chris this Saturday about their extensive supply of wool felt colors that can combined to get your order in to be made!

  • Who they are: A one-man operation who works to design leather wallets and leather accessories that are functional, durable, and beautiful. 
  • Why we love them: Lakewood Leather Co. has the right idea when it comes to designing a product to stand the test of time. We are tired of the cheap, poorly designed products that end up in a landfill within a couple of months because it fell apart (like the glue around the soles of my KEDS…ugh!)
  • Team Flea Pick: Lakewood Leather Co. will be selling their first ever (yes, be the first!) shell cordovan wallets at the June flea. Here’s the scoop to get you excited: “Shell cordovan is one of the most highly sought leathers in the world. Renowned for its beauty as it ages, its strength, and its lack of creases. Instead of creasing, as all other leather does, shell cordovan forms rolls.” So, basically, it’s just MAGICAL.

  • Who they are: Ruhling Woven is a combination of of textile and visual arts featuring one-of-a-kind handwoven accessories + decor, abstract mixed media works and reconstructed vintage clothing.
  • Why we love them: We love the reworking and restyling of vintage pieces that have a real edge.
  • Team Flea Pick:Fringe is really in right now--on jackets, cross-body’s--it’s everywhere! Hands down the “Silk Fringe Necklace” rocks the fringe in a unique and fun way!


  • Who they are: Marija Lemon is a local photographer and digital artist. Her portfolio displays a wide variety of some of Cleveland’s landmarks and hidden gems. 
  • Why we love them: We love our city. So naturally, we love all things Cleveland: from our skyline to the guardians, from the train yards to the sunny shores of Lake Erie, Marija has captured our lovely city in a beautiful and creative way. 
  • Team Flea Pick: Marija’s work fits the bill for our love of Cleveland, but also her eye for graphic design is a must look at.


  • Who they are: HOMAGE pays homage (hey, we see what you did there) to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, politics, and popular culture on t-shirts and sweatshirts. 
  •  Why we love them: From Cleveland Cavs to the Goonies, Homage has t-shirts for whatever you want to sport around the city.
  • Team Flea Pick: We would sport the Kenny Lofton Raglan to show our love for our Indians at Progressive Field. Dollar dog night, anyone? 


  • Who they are: Triple Threat Press is a letterpress, graphic design, and web design company that works to bridge the gap between traditional, letterpress printing and contemporary, computer-aided design.
  • Why we love them: In with the new and in with the old is what Triple Threat Press is all about. They know that things like business cards, invitations, and greeting cards are best left to the ol’ letterpress. However, they know that utilizing 21st century technology (hello Adobe) is what makes their imagery just different enough.
  • Team Flea Pick: Their popsicle greeting card is literally as cool as stationery can get!

Who they are: Polis Woodworking is a woodworking shop that aims to provide opportunities for children and teens to make and explore the art of woodworking.
Why we love them: Getting the kids involved with their little hands and imaginations to create their own work of art is truly inspiring to see!
Team Flea Pick: Can't grow a beard? Don't worry, they've solved your lazy follicle problem with a mustache on a stick.  

  • Who they are: Created by Bethany Nixon, a proprietor of vintage clothing for nearly two decades, Reware Vintage offers all unique goods from vintage to handmade goods. 
  • Why we love them: Their online story will show you the unique items they have for sale, including upcycled vintage crafts and brand-new, never worn worn vintage band t-shirts (we hear you, it sounds a bit paradoxical). Everything is authentic vintage at unbeatable prices. 
  • Team Flea Pick: Rolling Stones Tour T-shirt from the 1989 North American Tour. #Hellyes.


Who they are: What started as a love of thrifting has blossomed into a trendy store full of carefully hand-picked clothing, shoes, collectibles, accessories, and jewelry. 
Why we love them: The owner is an avid collector, like many of us, and sees the value in these found treasures. They work hard to find these treasures for us to delight in.
Team Flea Pick: A really rad, rare set of six B+W Cleveland Press glasses from 1963. Fill em’ up with some hard lemonade for Dad! (PSST! This set can be found at the Cleveland Mercantile’s Booth at June Flea!)

  • Who they are: A fresh, certified, organic loose leaf tea company that uses ingredients from all over the world to create handcrafted blends. With a wide selection of tea and trendy tea ware, there’s something for everyone.
  • Why we love them: Not only are their teas high in antioxidants, they craft a wide array of teas from relaxation teas, to teas that enable that afternoon kick with higher amounts of caffeine. They also have caffeine-free options such as Organic Rooibos Tea from South Africa.
  •  Team Flea Pick: We enjoyed winding down the evening with a hot cup of summer love, with Stonehouse Tea Company’s Blueberry Hibiscus Organic White Tea.

  • Who they are: Using fresh, raw, self-processed ingredients, Fermentation Girl creates healthy, small craft batches of fermented foods and beverages. Their ferments are full of probiotics to help with digestion and have many positive effects on the immune system.
  • Why we love them: Their bold flavors, packed in every jar, are not only delicious but help to achieving balance in the body. Each small batch is fermented and packed by them using tools and methods they created.
  • Team Flea Pick: Snapdragon Kimchi! It has fresh, crunchy vegetables with a hint of spice that is just perfect for spicing up any meal this summer.

  • Who they are: A custom furniture company that crafts one-of-a-kind products for home or office.
  • Why we love them: New Age Steel is client focused, and takes time with each of its clients to design the piece of furniture to fit just the functional aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Team Flea Pick: It’s time to start chopping up some of our fresh herbs right from our garden on New Age Steel’s smart, space saving meat and cheese boards. Sold this Saturday at June Flea! Smaller boards are, dare we say it? A steal for $45! A board a bit bigger is just ten bucks more.

  • Who they are: Whether you’re a beginner or expert, Cleveland Yoga will guide you in finding your inner strength while increasing your flexibility through the practice of Power Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Why we love them: This relaxing studio is filled with compassionate and inspirational instructors who teach you how to live a more well-balanced, healthy, and happy life through the art of yoga.
  • Team Flea Pick: This "Chase the Sun" tee. Because, you know we're all about that.

  •  Who they are: Finegan + Pilko (aka Finko) have a combined 15+ years of experience in corporate and freelance environments, multi-disciplinary backgrounds like teaching and trade skills, and above all else, a desire to create.
  •  Why we love them: Straight baby bling.
  •  Team Flea Pick: Their Hug Life bib and tees.

  • Who they are: What started from a love of thrifting has blossomed into a thriving, affordable collection of on-trend clothing.
  • Why we love them: We love thrifting. We love Vintage. And we love fashion. What’s not to love?
  • Team Flea Pick: We have a a bit of an obsession with flannels (with high-waisted shorts? Yes!)

  • Who they are: A vintage company that focuses on iconic name brand clothing like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger (to name a few).
  • Why we love them: We all have some staple brands that we love in our closet and Iconic Vintage Apparel is a great place to shop if you’re looking to add to your collection!
  • Team Flea Pick: I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want––The Return of Spice Girls tour t-shirt.

  • Who they are: Since the 1980’s, AtticTurnOvers has been buying and selling one-of-a-kind pieces, including market finds and raw materials from industrial salvage. When looking for a new piece to fit the style of your home, look no further!
  • Why we love them: Their items are all made in the with pride right here in the goold ol’ USA.
  • Team Flea Pick: Perfect for your outdoor patio this summer, the found industrial cart.

  • Who they are: A new store that is breathing a new life into forgotten treasures, Morgan of Vintage in Bloom is always on the hunt for new (but vintage!) goodies to bring to market.
  • Why we love them: Not only can you find these treasures at the Cleveland Flea, but you can purchase items on Etsy or follow her blog to see what new items will be coming to the Flea!

  • Who they are: Based out of Streetsboro, Old’s Cool’s rustic and shabby chic furniture and decor is sure to demand attention in every room of your home.
  • Why we love them: They provide the rustic furniture with a fresh coat of paint that enhances and compliments each piece, from dressers to mason jars.
  • Team Flea Pick: We fell in love with their persimmon-colored hutch.

  • Who they are: A furniture company with design geared toward men and inspired by structural shapes. With hand-welded steel paired polished wood stains, these are some truly original designs.
  • Why we love them: Daykore’s dark and masculine aesthetic is ideal for creating a totally kick-ass bachelor pad that is sure to make all the guys envious (wink wink).
  • Team Flea Pick: “The Keeper” 30 X 30 table because it is a tough, durable, American made pine and raw steel piece, it is indeed a keeper.