Dogs In Holiday Attire

Let me tell you a story about a pit bull puppy named Billie Jean. I call her “Bill”. She was 8 weeks old, brown and white, and had a patch covering one eye along with a perfect white tipped tail and four white paws. I found her at a local Cleveland shelter last summer and she’s become my bestie over the past 17 months. Her favorite things are 1) bacon 2) sleeping underneath my duvet (can you breathe under there?!) and 3) rolling on her back in the grass. I mean, yes, occasionally she eats my shoes and digs in my trash but NO ONE IS PERFECT.


Anyhow - this brings me to one of the many reasons why I’m so excited about this weekend’s holiday market: City Dogs! If you’re not familiar with City Dogs, they take dogs off the streets in this beautiful city we love and take care of them until new families are found. They give them their shots, spay/neuter them, walk them daily, and create playgroups for them so they can meet new friends and enjoy the outdoors instead of being stuck in their crates all day. And let me tell you this: the volunteers at City Dogs are some of the best humans around. They get up every day - even on days like Christmas and New Year’s Day - to walk and play with these little heart-stoppers. Most of the dogs at City Dogs are pit mixes. You may have heard some of the false information out there about pit bulls that’s given the breed a bad rap over the years. In reality, most pit bulls (like all other breeds) are loving companions. Us pit bull lovers like to say, “Don’t judge a dog by it’s looks!” Same rule goes for people, right? These dogs have had a rough go of it lately but they are ready for your attention and training so they can fit into a new and loving home. I can't express enough how grateful I am that Billie Jean came into my life. She's one of my very favorite things and a "fur"ever family member. She also happens to be the most loving and gentle dog I've ever had & on a daily basis she dispels every pit bull myth in the book!

City Dogs will be with us this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday selling doggie scarves they’ve hand-knitted along with matching human ones (I mean… c’mon!!!), so you really need to put their booth at the top of your “must not miss” list. Buy one for your four legged bestie and one for you! Don’t have a four legged bestie? Adopt one this weekend! There will be sweeties there to pet & kiss & take home & your life will suddenly be filled to the brim with cuddles & joy & an occasional chewed up high heel to remind you that you can't have it all but you CAN have a dog in a scarf.

Now let's take a look at these critters in their knitwear...


This is Sampson. He's an older gent who is ready for anything on the go as well as sitting down by the fire to snuggle. He loves participating in the CITY DOGS Run Club, playing with his toys or cuddling his person. Also a fan of impersonating reindeer. 


This fella is Heath! He's a happy go lucky 3 year old who would love to join you on a run and explore or hang out by your side and enjoy one your company & some Netflix. He prefers treats to toys and seems to know a few basic commands... hooray! Heath has gorgeous golden eyes to match his coat and ears that stick straight up! He's the perfect little bunny bear for you.


This young lad is eager to please with his puppy exuberance and zest for life. He loved his outings with the CITY DOGS Hike Club but if you're not into hiking or running, he would be happy with a walk around the block or a trip to the dog park! Taz is ready for winter with his scarf and earmuffs. Are you?


This is Binks! He is approximately 2 years old and he loves the outdoors and playing in the water! He's the perfect furry friend to take to Edgewater Park with you every summer. Binks was recently transferred from the city kennel to the county shelter where he is currently up for adoption. You can read more about them or visit him at ~ Binks is less than enthused to be dressed up like a Christmas present but he is 100% willing to ACTUALLY BE a Christmas present for YOU!


Semi is the city kennel's resident "heart worm positive" dog. He is looking for a foster home or rescue where he can receive treatment and heal before he will be ready for his forever home. One of Tank's favorite pastimes is to shower the ones he loves with kisses. Heartworm disease is literally as it sounds - worms within the heart - and is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. While the disease is treatable when caught within the early stages, it causes permanent damage to the heart and even lungs the longer it goes untreated and can even be fatal. Lucky for Semi, snuggles and rest are the key during treatment. Email to learn more about fostering.


Lolly! Those black ears! That cute, inquisitive look on her face! This lady is mature beyond her years and has become an event rockstar and CITY DOGS ambassador. She is a gentle, calm, "go with the flow" kind of girl whether you are taking a tour around town, going for a run or chilling on the couch.

Well peeps, that's a wrap! Come give these doggies some love all weekend long at The Cleveland Flea holiday market!!! To check out all of the dogs currently up for adoption through City Dogs, visit Petango.

See you at the flea!


Director of Events, The Cleveland Flea

***Friday, December 8th from 6-10pm FREE, Saturday, December 9th from 10-1pm $10 tickets required and then FREE from 1-5pm & FREE Sunday, December 10th from 10-5pm