Do-Gooder Series: LAND Studio

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Photo by Bob Perkoski

Photo by Bob Perkoski

LAND studio's mission is to create places and connect people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning, and dynamic programming. We were lucky enough to speak with LAND studio Managing Director Greg Peckham about the details of creating invigorating and relevant public art in a dynamic and diverse urban environment.

Cleveland Flea: Who is LAND studio?
Greg Peckham: Well designed and active public spaces make cities better. LAND studio advocates for, enhances, and connects Cleveland’s public spaces to foster a competitive and welcoming city. Our mission is to create places and connect people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning, and dynamic programming. And our vision is to make Cleveland a city filled with vibrant, textured places that unite, inspire, and enrich its people. 

CF: What’s the significance of the name, ‘LAND Studio’?
GP: The name LAND studio is an acronym that reinforces our commitment to being a collaborative participant in the building of a healthy city. We are dedicated to greening the city’s LANDSCAPE, inspiring people with public ART, uniting NEIGHBORHOODS, and supporting sustainable building and DEVELOPMENT.  

CF: What’s your role at LAND Studio?
GP: Managing Director. In this role, I collaborate with the Executive Director and Senior Project Director to lead LAND studio’s organizational direction and sets its programmatic focus and priorities. Ultimately, I get to help identify and select new projects that support LAND’s vision and mission.

CF:What would you like people to know about LAND Studio that they might not?
GP: We get sh*t done. And in order to get it done, every single staff person digs in. The LAND studio team is an oddball collection of backgrounds; from practicing artists and urban planners, to French and literature majors.  We don’t hire a skillset, we hire a mindset.  On any given day you might be in the Mayor’s office at 7 a.m. and meeting with a bunch of graffiti artists at 7 p.m.  This is an organization filled with creative, smart, hard-working people that are really fun to be around. We get to envision exciting projects and then see them through to implementation. We collaborate with talented artists, creative partners, and generous funders who help us turn our vision into spaces that benefit the city.  

CF: So, why do you think this is important to the Cleveland community?
GP: We believe that inclusive, vibrant public space and public art projects catalyze development and create better connections throughout the community. Through convening developers, urban planners, public officials, community stakeholders, artists, and funders we can complete transformative projects both large and small. Public space and public art is for all people.

CF: So, why do you love your job?
CP: My college career placement test recommended I pursue jobs in structural engineering or floral design.  LAND studio is pretty much the intersection of those two.  Whether it’s a big new Public Square or a neighborhood public art project, I want to build enduring, beautiful projects that make people’s lives better.