Distinct Cle Crates

Maker Spotlight: Distinct Cle Crates

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone? Or just gotten sick of going to 5 different stores to complete the perfect gift? Well we’ve got news for you- someone has already done all the work for you!

That someone is Distinct Cle Crates, owned by Lauren Krueger.

Distinct Cle Crates is a female owned and operated company here in Cleveland that can customize any crate you’d like to order.  Each crate is handmade and offers you the ability to add names, logos, dates etc. that make great gifts for grads, weddings and company/corporate thank you’s.

Crate Options:

Pre-made by Team Distinct Cle


Build your own

There are a few fun ways you can shop the crates. You can purchase them pre-made or you can build your own with items you wish to add! Not to mention the option to customize the crates by engraving a saying (or logo) of your choice! There is no better gift than one you know was made especially with you in mind which is why these are perfect for whoever it is you are shopping for.

You can learn more & purchase straight from their website. (link here)

Distinct Cle Crates will also be at the remaining Flea’s for Season 6.

  • July 14, August 11, September 8, & October 13 !

Giveaway Details: 

This Monday June 25th we will officially be launching a special giveaway opportunity with Distinct Cle Crates! This will include the opportunity to win one of the two below crates. Find out details to enter via our social media outlets or our Newsletter (links to both below)!

MR & MRS. Wedding Crate 


  • Distinct Cle Mr & Mrs. engraved Wedding Crate 
  • Pie by Floressa Bakery 
  • Herbal Soy Candle
  • Mini Plant
  • Cross Stitch Photo
  • Small Decorative Pillow

City of Cleveland Crate! 


  • Distinct Cle Cleveland engraved Tray
  • Oh! Chips- Spicy Pickle
  • Popes Bloody Mary Mix & Cocktail olives
  • Vintage BBQ Mug
  • Andy Griffith & I love Lucy Trading Cards
  • Decorative Wooden Sign