Creme De La Creme of the April Flea

The Best of The Best of April Flea

Although it is hard for us to pick a top anything at the Flea because we truly love it ALL (biased we know, wink wink) we decided to choose a few of our top team picks from Makers at the April Flea. We want you to share your favorite (or not so favorite) things about the April Flea with us! Click the button below to help us grow! xo, Team Flea

Flea Team Maker favorites from April Flea: 

1. Modern Mama Shelves/Blanket Ladder 

2. Keystone Steel Co. Signage

3. mrly handsewn clothing

4. Tiny planters from Tierra Sole

5. Cleveland Street Glass Jewelry

6. Prather team record holders and other wood goods.

7. Black leather clutch from Seel

8. Cleveland AF by Emily Roggenburk

9. Stuffed Llama from The Happy Groundhog Studio 

10. Scarf from Yellow Cake 

Tell us your favorites about April Flea & offer us feedback for the future here