Make It: Pom Pom Wreath

Hey guys! Katie here from Something to be Found, former FLEA vendor, thriftaholic, and DIYer of projects requiring nothing more than a glue gun and scissors.

I am excited to partner up with The Cleveland Flea and locally owned craft company, Pat Catan's, to create some fun, EASY and festive craft projects to inspire you this holiday season.

There is no craft item I love more than The Pom Pom. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them. I dream of swimming in a pool full of them. I even find ways to include them in photoshoots...

Photo courtesy of Suzuran Photography

Photo courtesy of Suzuran Photography

So it was only natural for me to make a pom pom wreath for the first installment of our Make It series with Pat Catan's

What’s so great about this project is that it only requires three things: yarn, a wreath form and scissors. I highly recommend using a pair of quality, sharp scissors if you want to avoid hand cramps and blisters. 

Yarn from Pat Catan's: Lion Brand Montpelier Peacock, Red Heart Mixology Jade, Red Heart Grande Wintergreen. 

Yarn from Pat Catan's: Lion Brand Montpelier Peacock, Red Heart Mixology Jade, Red Heart Grande Wintergreen. 

16" Wire Wreath Form from Pat Catan's. 

16" Wire Wreath Form from Pat Catan's. 

To make a pom pom, follow these 8 steps (picture diagram below):

  1. Wrap yarn around four of your fingers. The number of times you wrap will depend on the thickness of your yarn and how big of a pom pom you’re trying to make. For these I wrapped approx. 45 times.
  2. Remove the wrapped yarn bundle from your fingers.
  3. Cut a piece of yarn approx. 4” long and place it underneath the wrapped yarn bundle.
  4. Tie the piece of yarn around the middle of the wrapped yarn bundle. Tie as tightly as possible.
  5. Cut the loops on both sides of the yarn bundle. Do not cut the strands from the piece of yarn you tied around the bundle. You’ll use these strands to tie the pom pom to the wire wreath frame.
  6. Trim the yarn bundle to desired length.
  7. Review and decide if you want to make the pom pom smaller/tighter by cutting off more yarn from the bundle.
  8. Marvel at your cute little pom. Then make 22 more! 

I tried, but I just couldn’t resist adding a splash of hot pink! I hung the wreath atop my thrifted chalkboard, added some copper-colored garland, and stenciled on a holiday message. 

This triangle garland was made using Pat Catan's copper glitter scrapbook paper and their EK Tools large triangle punch. 

Thanks for reading! I'll be back next week with another easy DIY project -- paper mache cones turned festive trees. Get your glue guns ready! 

Pat Catan's, started in 1954 on 131st and Miles in Cleveland, has expanded to serve communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia and Indiana. What remains constant are the Catan family values of hard work, innovation and excellent customer service. You will see those values on display every day, along with all of the affordable craft supplies you need, in their 30 Pat Catan’s Craft Centers.

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Katie Plato is a Cleveland FLEA blog contributor, freelance graphic designer, blogger, DIYer, avid thrifter, and mom to three boys. 

Connect with Katie here: Blog // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest


**This post was sponsored by Pat Catan's.**