Cleveland is THE City

Word is out: Cleveland's cool again. This isn’t a new idea for us locals, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t excited about the recognition! “The Forest City”, “The Emerald Necklace”, “The Big Plum”, “Sixth City”, “The Remake on the Lake”...whatever you call it, show off your hometown pride with our favorite products from local makers.

Cleveland is a city of champions, and we’ve known that for years. Even before the Cavs took the title, our city was renowned for its hard-working citizens. Share our winning history this “Cleveland Work Ethic” tee from The Social Dept.


Like any large city, Cleveland sees its fair share of crime. Deanna Dionne of Cleveland Street Glass embraces the danger and creates beautiful jewelry from the shattered glass of local car break-ins. Leave it to a Clevelander to turn lemons into lemonade!


Seaworthi lets you bring home the beauty of our best kept secret, the Erie Islands, with their South Bass Island print. Vacation is just a glimpse away!

Summer can take a serious toll on skin. From the sun to the heavy lake breezes, damage hits from every angle. Resuscitate your dry skin with Bello/a Botanicals' hard lotion bars, which are shaped like the great state of Ohio and come in three different scents.


Make a splash while sporting this adorably nauticual black vintage swimsuit from Public Dove. You’ll be the best dressed swimmer in Lake Erie!


You could say that we’re nostalgic people. That might be why we’ve fallen so hard for Black Kitten Vintage’s vintage Cleveland postcards. Remember, letter-writing is always in good taste!


A staple in every local lady’s jewelry box is Océanne’s dainty Cleveland Love charm necklace. Perfectly understated, these necklaces come in silver or gold tones to pair well with any outfit. Layer with other jewelry for a summery boho look.