Change = Change with Shoes and Clothes for Kids

Cleveland is filled with purpose-driven nonprofit organizations and passionate changemakers. We find that inspiring, and we're happy to bring to you our monthly Do-Gooder Series, aimed at connecting you to the causes that make our hearts skip a beat. Support them by purchasing craft cocktails and beer at The Flea Bar, or by donating directly via their own websites. Often times, they'll even have a presence at our events, so don't be shy — let them know you're happy they're here doing good.


How often have you unexpectedly found a quarter in the pocket of your jeans while doing the laundry? Ever found a penny on the sidewalk? What about on the floor of your car? Twenty or thirty cents is probably the change that you get back from the coffee shop after picking up your daily brew. So... what will you do with it?

Shoes and Clothes For Kids' “Change = Change” campaign focuses on the idea that 27 cents a day–roughly $100/year–can provide brand new clothing including school uniforms, casual outifts, socks, underwear, shoes and school supplies to each local child living in poverty served by the organization.

This May, we have a simple request: Take your week's worth of loose pocket change to The Flea and donate it to the SC4K booth at the north end of the event (booth 4). Heck, dollars would even do! Your change will be used to change the lives of 11,000 local school-aged kids in grades K-8 who are living in poverty, experiencing homeless, or are refugees. They'll be given the basic items they need to stay in school and succeed at learning and at life.  

Missing us this month? Online donations work just as well.