Bring your A-game to Hingetown

The Champagne Garden lost a game of Balderdash and was booted from its spot this month by Tabletop, the new board game cafe on West 25th.

(Don't panic: the garden has moved to the north side of Transformer. #growingpains)

So, now it's all fun and games in the Tabletop Game Garden, south courtyard, between Transformer Station and Clinton Ave.

Tabletop (1810 West 25th) pops up, starting this Sunday Market, with a handful of classic and easy-to-learn games for you to play with friends, family, soon-to-be-friends and, of course, arch-nemeses. It's one more reason to stick around and brunch in Hingetown. All day long.

Opened last month, Tabletop serves up 1,000 board games at its West 25th brick-and-mortar, food, drinks and hands-on activities for gamers and leisurely players, alike. (We're a little pumped $1,000,000 Pyramid is on the list.) 

It's not just every-night game nights at Tabletop. Maker workshops (like Build Your Own CLE Night Light Workshop on July 30 and Aug. 2) are also on the new shop's agenda. 

Stop by the game garden this weekend to learn more about Tabletop, get discounts on play passes to the cafe and, of course, totally school someone in Parcheesi.