Become a sponsor or advertiser at Cleveland Flea.

We’re treasure hunters every day, not just on the day of our own events. And so are our customers. They love to know what else should be on their radar. They’re into the new, undiscovered and old standards that are sometimes hard to find unless you’re in the right place at just the right time. 


Let’s look into the top 4 ways businesses work with us as sponsors.

1) SPONSORED BLOG POSTS, INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOOK POSTS | We talk about your project, business, event (etc) on our social media and blog in a one-time a sponsored post. We’re pretty solid in the Social Media Game, especially in marketing + content creation. We typically help people tell their own stories in a really beautiful and authentic way that they might find difficult. No worries, we’ve got your back. We interview you to see what makes you different. What people might be missing about you. We take the photos. We tell the story to our audience, you get more people who know you and love you for who you are. 

  • EFFORT: Low for you, medium for us. 
  • IMPACT: High based on what you want to happen + how targeted the campaign is.

2) RECOMMENDED BUSINESSES ONLINE | We have you listed on our website in a prominent space as a “Friend of The Flea”. This stays up all the time, well at least on a yearly basis. It’s low-cost and easy to  be a part of. We typically ask you all the questions we need to be able to draw up a profile of who you are and why we recommend you. 

  • EFFORT: Low for both of us. 
  • IMPACT: Will deliver long-term visibility so it’s great for people looking to build a following and align with a brand that people trust. If you’re a friend of ours, most likely people will trust you for a friend. 

3)  ON-SITE ADVERTISING BOOTH / DESIGN INSTALLATION / FEATURED ITEM BEHIND OUR BAR / EVENT RENTAL PARTNERSHIP | We have your information available at our events, in a custom-designed booth installation or a basic booth spot designed by you. This option requires some planning. But the impact is HIGH if done right. 

  • EFFORT: High.  Listen- we make this look easy, I know. But luckily we have a CEO who is an expert at on-site engagement who is steering our ship. It pays to have a master’s degree in how things are built + marketing expertise + a risk-taking personality when you’re building cool things for an outdoor event. It’s not easy, but if you can do it right, people will be super into you. 
  • IMPACT: High. We are hella creative on-site and let us tell you, people LOVE the visual, interactive things we create. If you have a booth, installation or mural designed by us, you can bet your britches that you’ll get a TON of new followers and people thinking you’re just the coolest thing since the cronut.  

4) SITE VISIT + VISUAL REVIEW ONLINE | We visit your project, neighborhood, restaurant, business etc, take photos and introduce our audience to you via social media and our blog / website. We might test your product or take it on vacation with us or use it in our offices or on-site or whatever. It kinda depends on what it is and why it’s relevant to our community of creative and purchase-ready fans. 

  • EFFORT:  Low to Medium. It depends on what we’re doing. Product review is pretty low-stress. Site visits are fun for us and we just need to make sure we are able to take great photos. So that might mean we’re there for a minute setting up scenes or taking some time with a chef or bartender or manager or owner. It’s fun for all.
  • IMPACT: High. People LOVE watching us explore neighborhoods, products, projects, new places, etc. They typically go right out and try these things or put it on their calendar to visit the spots we suggest.  

Here’s a look below at some example posts / images. We created all of the photography, story ideas and marketing campaigns, as we would for you. 


If you’re interested in selling more stuff, growing your fans, telling your stories and being seen as a creative, innovative, cool business, align yourself with us! We’re planning our 2018 Season Sponsors this February. Just get in touch here >>>>