August Fresh Faces: Sunday Food Flea Vendors

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet!

  • Who they are: FUMO Intl. is influenced by the flavors they’ve experienced in countries all over the world. After sharing tastes of their early jarred sauces with friends and family, they continued to develop their flavors into what is now their internationally-inspired BBQ Sauce.
  • Why we love them: Theior BBQ Sauce highlights the favorite flavors of Korea, the Carolinas, Kansas City, and the Fertile Crescent. It doesn’t get much more eclectic than that!

  • Team Flea Pick: Auntie Han brought her the tableside charcoal grilling culture from Seoul to treat us with a big, sweet Korean BBQ hug. Be sure to pick up a bottle of her namesake!

  • Who they are: In just over two years, Ice Cream Joy has become a Lakewood stronghold on Madison Ave. This month they’re packing up some of their best artisan ice cream–including vegan flavors, fresh fruit sorbets, and a few special surprises–and blessing us at The Cleveland Flea!
  • Why we love them: At Ice Cream Joy, you never know what you’re going to get… and that’s a good thing (a very good thing)! You’ll fall in love with flavor profiles that you didn’t even know existed. Their artisan ice cream, vegan flavors, and fresh fruit sorbets are created in small batches from scratch using real, locally-grown ingredients.

  • Team Flea Pick: Two scoops of avocado, vanilla, limeade ice cream, please!

  • Who they are: Wild Spork is Northeast Ohio’s only vegan food truck. Traditionally non-vegan foods are flipped on their head, turned vegan, and filled with flavor.
  • Why we love them: All of the flavor, none of the animals.

  • Team Flea Pick: Try the pizza style grilled “cheese” with vegan cheese, mozzarella sauce, and pesto on toasty bread. You’re welcome!

  • Who they are: Burning River Bagels is Northeast Ohio's first steamed bagel food truck, offering delicious gourmet steamed bagel sandwiches from morning to munchies, featuring Cleveland Bagel Co. bagels.

  • Why we love them: Never had a steamed bagel? Well, then, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  • Team Flea Pick: Pick up a BRB BLT for brunch, and you’ll be full of an everything bagel topped with scallion cream cheese, pecanwood smoked shoulder bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It’s kind of perfect!

Can't wait to brunch? Neither can we. 
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