A Wedding Story: Charlie + Tommy

It has been shown that most couples get engaged between December 24 and February 14. What that tells us is that this time of year is likely the most frantic season you'll experience as fiancé and fiancé. The planning process can be overwhelming, particularly if you're doing it on a budget... or even just taking-on the event as more of a DIY venture. That's why we're hosting Local Union: a wedding planning party + market. Meet your locally-made match who will help you craft your day your way. In the meantime, prepare for the big day by learning from others... and no, we aren't talking about taking weird unsolicited advice from Great Aunt Miriam. Instead, enjoy our short series of love stories and glean some insight from those who recently tied the knot locally.

Meet Charlie Olivo and Tommy Chesnes (C + T FOREVER!). If you couldn't tell by the looks on their faces, they're totally in love. The interior designer and architect are in the process of planning their own wedding after seven years of togetherness. While their October wedding creeps closer by the second, we have a feeling that these two polished men have it all under control. Get a taste of their planning process in our interview below.

Photos by Heidi Rolf for The Cleveland Flea/Indie Foundry.

Cleveland Flea: Where did you first meet? How did that happen?
Charlie + Tommy: We met through mutual friends during our time in undergrad at Kent State University. 

CF: What is your favorite memory that you've made together?
C + T: It sounds really cheesy, but I'd say spending every day together is a favorite memory. I love our big moments just as much as our small, day-to-day moments, so it's hard to pick a favorite.

CF: Talk to us a little bit about your wedding. What was your theme? Was there anything that you based your day around that was special to you?
C + T: We enjoy classic and timeless design and wanted to take that approach for our wedding. We want to stay away from trends as much as possible because we don't want to look back and say "That was so UGLY!", but I'm sure it's bound to happen somewhere along the way!

CF: How long did it take you to plan your wedding? Did anyone else help you?
C + T: It took us about four months to get the big things planned and secured, but we will be working on the details until the day of, I'm sure! We've been planning it mostly on our own with some input from our close loved ones. 

CF: During the wedding planning process what was/is the most stressful decision?
C + T: The guest list, BY FAR. It's the main cost with our wedding receptions and when you are on a tight budget and care about people's feelings like I do, it can be extremely stressful. 

CF: What was the most enjoyable part of planning your wedding?
C + T: The best part has been making decisions together and it being pretty effortless since we know each other so well.

CF: Best date night idea for other Cleveland-based couples?
C + T: Come up with a list of things you both like to do and do the things that overlap! There is so much to do in this city that applies to all kinds of people, so it's hard to list specific things.

CF: Tough question: What does love mean to you?
C + T: Love is enjoying your big moments together just as much as your small, day-to-day moments :)

Special thanks to Lush & Lovely Floristry for designing florals, Starglyphs for furnishing a table and chairs, and Charlie and Tommy for providing their own dishes and table settings.

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