A look at our year ahead.

Hello dear Flea Fans,

It’s the beginning of a new chapter in our business life and we’re so excited to bring you along.

2019 is going to feel very different for us all. Sounds cliché, I know. But we’ve made one radical decision that will shape our year in ways that will change everything. And make things better. See, that’s the thing about change, it can be great. And in this case, it will be magical.

We’ve adopted a tagline that reflects where we are in business, and where we are as humans who care for other humans.

Less, but better.

What will that mean for us?

Initially, it means less markets. But better markets.

Our first public act of 2019 is to announce that we’re going from monthly markets (9 in a year) to quarterly markets (4 this year). However, they will involve 2 days of shopping– Saturday and Sunday. (cue the happy dancing!!)

There are many reasons for this, but the most compelling one is that having more time to plan such massive events allows us to really dial in the experience for both vendors and shoppers.

Sure- we’re a little nervous. But we honestly just feel so certain and excited– feelings we know lead to more creativity, confidence and courage. And that means better things for you.

But how did we get to that decision?

Well, we began the new year with some discussions about how we wanted our lives to feel this year. We all craved more creativity, open space to let our hearts and minds wander and better, more thoughtful events. We’re taking the advice we give to all our business owners– go all in. Do less. But do it better.

We asked ourselves how we could improve our events for both vendors and shoppers, and truly, the only way we can get to a level of detail and support for you all is to not spread ourselves thin. The event portion of our business takes so much energy, is super complex, has a very high level of financial risk and is also extremely important to all of us (you, vendors + us).

So we don’t want to disappoint.

Throughout our year, in all we do, we will ask ourselves, “Is this essential?”

We won’t try to do it all. We’ll focus on what brings us joy, sparks our creativity, delivers our vendors and shoppers the most value and impact and we’ll find time to be a real team. We’ll make time to dream. To scheme. To laugh. To discuss the big picture and the small details.

We will have white space for thinking, not just checklists for doing.

We will have 4 main events that feel different but the same–think themes coming to life via the bar and built world, through vendor collaborations and events within events. It will be enjoyable to get to that level of detail if we have the time required to actually develop and execute.

Our dreams are coming true this year, and we can’t wait to announce our dates.

But first a little website & brand update and some much-needed office cleaning.

Cheers to the future, Cleveland.


Stephanie & Team Flea