Guest Blog: A Curated Spree at July Flea

Every so often we find a friend who has a way with words. Maybe they've got a blog of their own, or perhaps they're a closeted comedian. Who would we be if we didn't give them a shot to stretch their wings and write?  So, in that supportive way we know so well, please give a warm welcome to our guest blogger and Flea intern, Kat Holleran. Never was there a listicle we've been more ready to read than hers.

All photos by Julianna Arendash Photography.

It’s the heat of summer!! We really are in the thick of it (I feel you, 85% humidity). As I like to say: we are experiencing the equator of the year. My friends, it is July. 

One of my favorite things to in excruciating heat and extreme humidity is have pool parties and eat watermelon. Oh, and to shop.

Since I am the Flea Team’s self-proclaimed resident-expert shopper, I'll be sharing with you my 10 summer picks coming exclusively from the July Flea. We all know that saying: if the world is your oyster, the Cleveland Flea is its pearl.


While I am “officially” a Leo, I am also a true cusper and often identify stronger with Cancer personality traits! Accordingly, to no surprise, I prefered the Cancer essential oil blend from Venus in Aquarius over the Leo blend. Both scents stayed true to their summer essences!


I can’t be the only one to notice that wicker, wide brim hats have been everywhere this summer (I overheard some ladies counting how many they saw at the July Flea and I believe they were at 15 before the clock struck 10:00). Besides their cuteness factor, big hats are simply practical. Especially if you’re like me and forget that faces need sunscreen or else they get burnt and wrinkly!! Trying on this summery, wide brim fedora from Kukuli Market had me feeling like it was my coronation as queen of The Flea.


Speaking of being a queen, check out my freaking throne! Yes, this chair from Ampersand is wicker. Yes, it is the ultimate pool party prop. Don’t have a pool? Don’t care! Throw a pool party anyways because it’s July and everyone needs an excuse to wear a swimsuit whilst sitting atop their outdoor, wicker furnishings.


Alternatively to throwing a pool party, you could just throw yourself a personal picnic. If you do, you should probably complete your look with a purse that is also your picnic basket. If you can’t tell, wicker is the way to go this summer. While you’re at it maybe just adorn and/or encase all of your belongings in wicker?? But if you don’t have time for that you can just buy a bunch of it at The Flea.


July also means the month of Americana because when else is it socially acceptable to wear jean shorts that look like the American flag, except for in July? Never! (Really, don’t try to pull that any other times). In addition to shorts, you can also decorate your home/wall with American flag gear to look cute and chic! Take, for example, this vintage flag from Cuyahoga Collective and imagine it hanging behind your sofa in your living room! See what I mean?


Back to jean shorts: look at these jean + belt glasses from Suzy Q's Redos!! They are the perfect homes for all your favorite summer beverages, be it a refreshing ginger ale or a watermelon slush like the ones at July Flea. Add a shiny, gold paper straw and your summer aesthetic is pretty much set.


(7) (and 8)

Lightweight and beige are two of my summer staples, and so I was inevitably drawn to this lightweight, striped button down and coordinating headscarf from Dead Byrd Vintage. This top would go perfectly with high waisted boyfriend jeans and cute sandals, and I would wear the scarf as a headband with the ends of the ties hanging down below my hair. Hello 70’s!!


To come full circle re: pool parties... As you sit in your wicker throne hosting your pool-less (or pool-ful) pool party and drinking from your jean cups while wearing a 70’s inspired headband under your wide-brim wicker hat, all of your pool-less and swimsuit-festooned guests will most likely want something to do. Hence: backyard sports. Specifically: vintage tennis playing. I know what you’re thinking… “Kat! That’s the most July idea I’ve ever heard!” Want to know what I’m thinking? “Yes, you’re right. It’s so freaking July.”



Lastly, but not leastly, you’ll want a dog for July*. Here is one cute example from the July Flea (he likes shopping too).

If you want to see more furry friends and cute finds, you should probably check out the August Flea on 8/12, too.

*To clarify, you can’t have a dog for just July. The acquisition of a dog requires anywhere from 8-18 years of love and affection.