Dear Santa,

Dear Santa/Charlie,

I know historically that you’re kind of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas, but I’m doing my very best to change that and I’m not a quitter. Sure, last year you made me listen to punk rock Christmas tunes while decorating the tree after I requested Amy Grant’s Tennesse Christmas, but I didn’t complain because relationships involve lots of compromise. The following day I caught you decorating cookies with Moses when you thought I wasn’t looking and I knew I was starting to win. This year you helped me hang lights outside our house & set up the christmas tree. I mean, yes, you begged me to wait until December 15th to unleash my christmas fervor, but I totally ignored you and you weren’t too annoyed about that. Again… #winning.

I know you don’t like Christmas shopping (obvi) so I have taken all of the work out of it for you by making you a very specific list of things I adore. No malls required. Just show up at The Cleveland Flea this weekend, grab yourself a donut, and knock it out in under an hour. See how understanding I am???

1. H.L.O.S - I need this jacket because… well. The reason is clear.


2. Sweet Dish & Darling - I need their “Earl Grey” candle as well as “Rainy Day” and “Penumbra Moon”. That’s all. Oh yes… and “Sunday Brunch”. That’s all.


3. Articles Vintage - A vintage wool blanket to get cozy by the fire.


4. Natterdoodle - Holiday greeting cards that say cute things and are bright colors. I need to let people know I’m thinking of them and also that I have really good taste.


5. Triple Threat Press - A pack of their gold foil “Write that shit down” pencils because I’m always having brilliant ideas when I’m in the shower or when I’m dreaming at night and I need to put these all over the house so I can record said brilliance.


6. Fount - A christmas list would not be complete without Fount. This roundabout bag has been haunting me since I first laid eyes on it & I’m afraid to say - I cannot rest until it’s mine. Yea, yea… I know it’s on the pricier side, but Philip and Jackie MADE IT BY HAND! It’s beautiful leather and hand stitched and Cleveland made and Jackie needs to be able to feed her children for godssake! We can’t let them starve! (insert fingers crossed emoji)


Ok. That is not all. But I’ll stop here. Thanks for reading this, honey. Can’t wait to hang vintage stockings with you and mull some cider. You’re a champ.



***Visit us at The Cleveland Flea holiday pop-up market THIS weekend, December 8th-10th ~ Friday night is from 6pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday are 10am-5pm. Tickets required for Saturday morning access until 1pm. >>>3333 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio