Fresh Faces: New Vendors for April Flea

Every month our favorite Flea vendors set sail and plan their return to port Tyler to celebrate their new collections, creations, and new found treasures. In addition to our staple vendors we all love and come out to support each month, are our new vendors! Check back here every month to find out who will be joining our CLE Flea Fleet!

  • Who they are: Charged Outlets helps keep all your portable electronic stay fully charged. Stay lit in style with our custom made designs and color combinations.
  • Why we love them: They are obviously more in-tune with Team Flea’s needs than we know… we’re always running out of outlets to charge devices in the office.

  • Team Flea Pick: Who loves Orange Soda? Team Flea loves Orange Soda… a bright orange cord paired with a fresh white face plate!

Brian Giniewski LLC

  • Who they are: Brian Giniewski is a potter and designer based in Philadelphia, PA. His simple and restrained forms serve as vehicles for indulgent color and dramatic surfaces that exploit the fluid nature of glaze.
  • Why we love them: Two words… ooey and gooey.

  • Team Flea Pick: We can’t wait to pot our new plant babies in a matching set of three Cookie/Cream colorway pots!


  • Who they are: H.L.O.S(short for Hand-Lettered Old Shit) is a purveyor of all things old and odd, whether they may be looking for a new voice or say it loud and clear all on their own. H.L.O.S. offers one-of-a-kind, hand painted memorabilia as well as short limited edition runs of quirky postcards, old-school pennants and more.
  • Why we love them: With that kind of name, you’ve gotta be great!

  • Team Flea Pick: Their “Spare Me” one-of-a-kind salty hand-lettered bowling pin fits our mood and decor. Now get to work on the other nine!

Cleveland Vintage Vibe Shoppe

  • Who they are: The Cleveland Vintage Vibe Shoppe sells a well curated collection of uniquely assorted vintage clothing, handbags, accessories, jewelry, tapestries and housewares!
  • Why we love them: Sustainability is one of the reasons behind why owner Lucy Cuturic is so passionate about second-hand shopping.

  • Team Flea Pick: Pour us some lemonade from that turquoise wavy-glass pitcher. Now add some gin.

Black Lodge Vintage

  • Who they are: Black Lodge Vintage is run by Bobbi Wall, a fashion buyer turned vintage addict specializing in clothing and accessories mainly from the 1960s - 1970s.
  • Why we love them: The selection of garments is fantastic. Bobbi’s past career steers her toward picking the most interesting pieces for us to peruse and purchase!

  • Team Flea Pick: Their Tulip Print Tennis Shirt puts us in the spirit to celebrate springtime!

Held Ceramics

  • Who they are: Held creates a variety of wares for your home. Drawing inspiration from the colors and textures of the natural world, each piece of held pottery features a unique surface decoration that provides a tactile experience in addition to visual, encouraging your hands to enjoy each ware as much as the eyes.
  • Why we love them: We just wanna touch everything that they make!

  • Team Flea Pick: We’re a fan of their classic white-on-white pear-shaped vase… picture it filled with a few bright peonies. Perfect!

The Style Foundry

  • Who they are: The Style Foundry is a mobile boutique and wardrobe styling business, with all outfits created and approved by owner and stylist  Megan Moran.
  • Why we love them: Megan does all of the hard work. When you go to buy, she can help you finish your entire look with styling recommendations as a part of the shopping experience.

  • Team Flea Pick: It might be the cabin fever talking, but we can’t wait to try on The Style Foundry’s off-the-shoulder pom-pom top and get a little bit of sun on our skin!

Cleveland Jam LLC

  • Who they are: Cleveland Jam’s first products developed after owner Jim Conti came into an excess of his own homemade wine. His solution was to create non-alcoholic wine jellies and jams!
  • Why we love them: These jams are probably gonna make a weird PB&J, so try using them as marinades, salad dressings, and sauce starters instead!

  • Team Flea Pick: Grilled chicken thighs marinated in Cleveland Jam’s Burning River Pepper Jam is a great way to break in your grill this spring!

Ridiculously Good Salsa

  • Who they are: Small batch salsa made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives!
  • Why we love them: They keep it simple. It’s good, it’s healthy, and it’s almost gone so you better stop reading this blog and get yourself a chip STAT.

  • Team Flea Pick: We double dog dare you to try their High Heat salsa… beer not included.

Micah Specialty Foods

  • Who they are: Micah Specialty Foods was started when owner Nana Kwamena Takyi-Micah missed all the spicy foods he used to enjoy back in Ghana... namely his mother’s cooking. During the 2011 Entrepreneurship Immersion Week competition at Ashland University Nana created a line of three specialty sauces meant to appeal to those looking for a taste of home, too.
  • Why we love them: Micah Specialty foods also started the Cleveland Food Basket Initiative that offers customers a monthly subscription of Cleveland-made items on rotation each month. The proceeds from these baskets provide clothes, food and water to the homeless each month.

  • Team Flea Pick: Their Supreme sauce has a little heat and is fantastic on pretty much any meat!

Urban Sweetness

  • Who they are: Urban Sweetness was born when owner “Vegan Vicki” was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. Due to this diagnosis, Vicki decided to make some changes to her lifestyle. Her new altered diet included only vegan dishes, which the chef now serves to the masses.
  • Why we love them: Vicki makes great tasting food while staying true to her healthy mission.

  • Team Flea Pick: Vegan gyros sound great, don’t they? Good news: Vicki makes them!

Itty Bitty Bakeshop

  • Who they are: Itty Bitty BakeShop is a home-based bakery producing unique sugar cookie designs with the collaboration of our creative clients and team!
  • Why we love them: The amount of detail that owner Tiffany Dziak puts into her cookies is beyond admirable… it’s breathtaking!

  • Team Flea Pick: Eat the cutest cookie on the table. Trust us. You won’t regret it.

Smash Time Food Truck

  • Who they are: We deliver delicious and one of a kind appetizers, tacos, and sandwiches paired with the best customer service.
  • Why we love them:

  • Team Flea Pick: Some days you crave a salad. Other days all you can think about is your lunch date with Smash Time’s Rockefeller Frites: fresh cut potato chunks topped with bacon, carolina BBQ pulled pork, and jalapeno pepper jack cheese. And before you ask… no, we won’t share.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.03.06 PM.png

Feel Good Dough

  • Who they are: Feel Good Dough creates oil-free, whole grain, organic dough mix that’s ready to rise in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.
  • Why we love them: We have a very close relationship with our carbohydrates. You could say we’re getting pretty serious.

  • Team Flea Pick: Homemade pizza with this dough means that all you crust haters out there are about to be converted.