Fresh cuts on flowers

Flowers are too often considered an indulgence — something you'd only buy for Mother's Day or to right a wrong. We're always delivering them to someone else. But flowers are an affordable luxury that decorate and heal. That's why they make great gifts (especially for yourself).

Allergies and not-so-green thumbs, however, stop many of us from going floral. Strange as it sounds, flora need not be fresh-cut or potted to do the trick. The May Flea features several pickings for all thumbs and seasons.

Love, Anji

Twirling roses, daises and oversized poppies by Love, Anji (Booth #38) won't make you sneeze. Handcrafted with paper and clean, modern design, these stems deliver the visual delights of each flower's season, but none of the pollen or maintenance fees. They're bright and whimsical. Better still: they last forever. Maker Anji Barshick offers a full flower stand of petals, patterns and paper styles to build your bouquets.

The Felty Florist

Looking for a hardier breed? The Felty Florist (Booth #106) builds arrangements with the textured petals of dahlias, mums and succulents. No water necessary with these lovelies, either. Maker Rachel Spigutz handcrafts each leaf with colorful folds of felt. Available by the stem, these felty florals are hardy enough to don wearable accessories and wreaths too. Plus, our favorite bunch: the biker-chic mini bouquet

Basic Ingredients

You'll also want to get fresh with Basic Ingredients (Booth #37) this Saturday. Designer Susan Baae's shop will feature potted flowers, succulents and a collection of bouquets. She'll also have painted metal plant markers, perfect for moms and/or shoppers with gardens and, presumably, delightfully green thumbs.

Gina DeSantis Ceramics

Whether you're buying them fresh or felty, succulents need a home. Gina DeSantis Ceramics (Booth #87) specializes in beautiful, handcrafted wares for home and table. Stop by this weekend for an elegant collection of succulent planters. Bonus: you'll get them 20% off at this weekend's market.