A Few of Clare's Favorite Things

Hi, I'm Clare!


I'm new to Team Flea. I'm a huge Flea fan, so what better way to show my appreciation than to lending a helping hand!?  For the past couple of weeks I've been supporting the ever-so-lovely Flea in a variety ways to prepare for the holiday markets. Everything I've done so far has been creative, fun, and covered in pink - the perfect color to let my imagination run wild. I've crafted, built things, and even had a chance to shop. As I've waltzed around the market, many things have caught my eye and some have even caused me to buy! It's the season of giving and I can't seem to stop! The holiday market has made it easier than ever to shop! #rhymes

Christmas is NEAR & don't you worry your pretty little head 'cuz I've got you covered. If you're still in need of gifting ideas like me, don't fret! I've compiled a jaw-dropping list of items from many of our wonderful vendors for you to peruse. Some of these items include things I NEED (want pretty bad), gifts for the ones I love, and even things I've picked for YOU. Don't be shy, take a peak, and be prepared to have your Christmas socks knocked completely off

Remember, all of these beautiful pieces can be found this weekend at our last holiday market! Come sip a Mason's Creamery milkshake and see what we have in store....there's no time like the present!


1. Oceanne- (Money Clips)

Something handsome to hold all the Christmas cas$h I'm yearning for (fingers crossed!!)


2. Too Legit to Quilt - (Vulture Pillow)

To be used as a statement piece on the perfectly, distressed leather couch I WILL own one day. 

IMG_0130 (1).jpg

3. Free Range Skincare- (Fresh Face Moisturizer)

The hero who will protect my skin against lake-effect snow and give me a healthy glow (potential tee shirt saying???)


4. Inked and Dotted-

Although I currently reside in Akron, I embrace everything Cleveland. 


5. Cleveland Street Glass- (Auto Glass- Mixed Cluster Charm)

Finding "the beauty in broken" wasn't hard after coming across this dazzling, upcycled piece! 



6. Free Period Press- (Beer Carriers) 

For: Jack (Brother and Craft Beer Connoisseur) The perfect traveler for mixing & matching or basically to make sure you don't overdo it on the Christmas Ales.


7. Wild Foot Studio (Pet Tag) 

For: Clive (my black Lab) Good boys deserve good (insanely amazing) gifts! Whether he realizes it's Christmas or not….


8. PeriPeti Home- (Room Spray) 

For: My darling Mother.  Unfortunately I can't afford therapy sessions for all the years I've driven you crazy, but one (maybe all three) of these therapeutic grade essential oil sprays can put you at ease. 


9. Seaworthi (John Carroll University Poster) 

For: Brynne (College roommate of four years, best friend, bearer of Aladdin's hummus) Something special to commemorate our time well spent at #JCBrew ....Go Streaks!


10. Backattack Snack (Certified Angus Beef) 

For: Dear old Dad. I realize your "healthy" eating habits differ vastly from mine BUT here's something healthy you'll actually enjoy. It's that's with flavor and won't leave you feeling guilty. 



         FOR THOSE ON THE NICE LIST           


11. Fiber and Gloss (Magnet)

An encouraging way to keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions! Who wouldn't listen to something Mr. Feeny said!? (Probably Shawn) 


12. Cleveland Pickle - (Spicy Garlic Dill)

A simple way to spice up your Bloody Mary game…. Literally!


13. Little Chicago Clothing Co. (V-neck Jersey Stripe Tee) 

Best in the Midwest!!! Reward yourself for being some of the friendliest and most polite people in the nation....you know who you are! (P.S. they offer free shipping, how considerate!)


14. Odyssey & Oddities- (Raven Earrings) 

Take to the sky like a bird in flight & wake up your inner Stevie Nicks. Please tell me you love Rhiannon as much as I do. If not, I'll try to understand. 


15. Brighton Wool & Honey Co. (All Natural Lavender Laundry Soap) 

A napkin in your lap doesn't always guarantee you'll walk away from the table stain-free. This "workhorse detergent" will allow you to trust yourself around the cranberry sauce this year. 


***Not for you? Drop by the this weekend and find something that better suits your taste! We have it all!


December 15: 6-10 PM 

December 16: 10AM-1PM ($10 early admission) 1PM-5PM (FREE)

December 17: 10-5PM (free all day)

Location: 3333 Lorain Ave. 

See you there!