Real Men Wear Pink

On the cool corner of The Cleveland Flea, a flamingo colored stand will catch your eye and strike memories of every pink crayon you’ve ever held.

At the center of the pink glow sits the Flea Café, The Cleveland’s Flea version of the café experience. It’s a welcomed newcomer to the flea complete with a myriad of options and well-placed seating.

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What does IN IT TOGETHER mean to you?

It was no different once I got to ‘The Land’. I found myself connecting with like minded people and being inspired by each and every one of them. ‘IN IT TOGETHER’ has come to mean all this and more to me. It’s one of the truest statements that can be said about the sense of community I’ve experienced so far here in Cleveland. People here want to lift each other up and grow together - not alone.

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Guide to July Flea


  • Saturday, July 14th
  • 9AM-4PM 


It's best not to drive. Uber. Bus. Bike. But if you do drive, here are a few things to know:

  • We have 4 ADA accessible spots at the entrance to The Flea. You'll see them marked.
  • Parking in neighborhood parking lots is at your own risk. If there is a sign posted that you will be towed, you will be towed.
  • Don't park in areas on the street where it says, "No Parking" as you will either be ticketed or towed. 
  • There's ample parking if you're ok strolling through our lovely neighborhood.
  • Bought something big? Vendors might be willing to deliver it to you for an extra fee OR we also allow cars to drive in for pick up of large items.
  • We have bike racks for locking up your ride. 



Our why behind the $2 admission fee for July:

$1 of your entry is being donated to HOLA Ohio
Your donation supports HOLA's efforts to support the workers and their families impacted by the ICE raids in NE Ohio, ensuring their civil rights are protected, and providing access to economic, legal, social services and medical support.



July Cocktail: 

  • Tequila, Watermelon, Aperol, lime juice

Blueberry Prosecco Slush

  • Light rum, lemon, blueberry, prosecco


  • Ice Cream Sandwich by Masons Creamery 
  • Pink & White Cookies by Larder
  • Pink Donuts by Brewnuts
  • Lavender Lemonade by Byte
  • Rose Bud Latte by Cleveland Tea Revival 
  • Rosellini by Platform 
  • Sparkling Rose (Bottle or Glass) 
  • Guardian Cold Brew
  • Shacksbury Cider
  • LaCroix


Monthly Special

  • Blushing Bride Protea

Flea Bouquet

  • focal blooms + supporting flowers + greenery

Flea BFF Bouquet

  • more focal blooms + more supporting flowers + greenery

*Lilies are only available in the BFF bouquet

Add ons:

  • Fuji Flowers, Monstera Leaves, Bird of Paradise Leaf, Oncidium
  • Calla Lily, Asiatic Lily, Bird of Paradise, Dendrobium, Protea Blushing Bride


 Artwork by Amber Esner

Artwork by Amber Esner