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We’re here to encourage Cleveland to love itself more. We’re here to show Dreamers that they can become Doers, and that they have a supportive, loving community surrounding them. We’re here to change the landscape of our city into one that is more creative, more vibrant, more encouraging, more inclusive. We’re here to show that if you put the work in, you will be rewarded. We’re here to inspire our city and it’s creatives to become their very best selves. If this is a movement you are enthusiastic about being a part of, take a moment to fill out the form respective to your desired position, and follow the instructions below to send us your resume and cover letter.

Open Positions: 


[GOAL] Responsible for the most magical part of the flea, the experience itself. The Experience Manufacturer works directly with the Creative Experience Builder to bring the structure of The Flea to life -- not to mention it’s the best workout in the city!


[GOAL] Perfecting a unique experience for Flea Shoppers and Flea Club Members, making their event dreams come true by serving branded treats, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), + good vibes.


[GOAL] Be the smiling face and sigh of relief to our Flea Club Members, providing them the significant amenity of VIP parking.

June Vendors

June Flea Vendors



  • 2 Odd Birds
  • Alchemy Abstract
  • Ampersand
  • Anne Cate
  • Articles
  • B.Pottery
  • Bella Studio
  • BettysRetro
  • Billy Ritter 77
  • Black Branches
  • Black Kitten Vintage
  • Blissed Out Design
  • Bombabird
  • Boundary & Thorn
  • Brewser's Biscuits
  • Brighton Wool & Honey Co.
  • Capsule Clothing
  • Chris Deighan
  • City Dogs
  • Cle Street Glass
  • Clear Bluir Design
  • Crochet Kitty
  • Cuyahoga Collective
  • Dalia Jean Designs
  • Dead Byrd Vintage
  • DistinctCLE
  • Emily Roggenburk
  • Entwine
  • Fetch & Co.
  • Fiber and Gloss
  • Five Blessings Handmade
  • Foundry Woodprints
  • Fount Leather Goods
  • Free 2 Bee
  • Free Range Skin Care
  • Gifted
  • Gina DeSantis Ceramics
  • Glitteracy
  • Gorgeous Henna
  • Gypsy Moth
  • Hazel Made
  • HLOS
  • Hyggelight Candles
  • I Love CLE
  • Inked and Dotted
  • Jersey Girl Vintage
  • Jessica Dubis Jewelry
  • Keystone Steel Co
  • Lackey Road Guitar Co
  • Lake Erie Pet
  • Lakewood Plant Company
  • Lauren Heuer Design
  • Legend
  • Letter Press Jess
  • Lil Paws Apparel
  • Lil' Burritos
  • Little Chicago Clothing Co.
  • Loisoleta
  • Lorraine's Cottage
  • Maeve's All Natural
  • MandaBees Headbands
  • Maplewood Boutique
  • McPherson Events & Design
  • Milo & Me
  • Morning Song Gardens
  • MRLY Brand
  • My Beverly Jewelry
  • Natterdoodle
  • No Rulz Art
  • Oceanne
  • Only the Best
  • OOH My Gouache
  • Paper Cutz
  • Peripeti
  • Piper & Stone
  • Poor Sparrow
  • Re/Dress
  • Reconstruct Wood
  • Refresh Collective
  • Revival
  • Rock Candy
  • RocketE3
  • Rustic Edge Boutique
  • Salvage Finds-Unique Designs
  • Samantha Wiggins Designs
  • Shape
  • Shebaflora
  • Shop High Pockets
  • Shore Society
  • Slainte Home
  • Snakes + Acey's
  • So Darn Pretty Designs
  • SORRY.
  • South Hills Antique Gallery
  • Stash Style
  • Stringbean Aesthetics
  • Suzy Q's Redos
  • Sweet Dish
  • Taylored Metals
  • Tesori Dal Lago
  • The Circle Craft
  • The Modern Mama
  • The Pastimes
  • The Social Dept.
  • The Style Foundry
  • The Wandering Wardrobe
  • Timeless Treasures Revisited
  • Tour de CLE
  • Tread The Terra
  • Upcycle Parts Shop
  • Urban Planting Cleveland
  • UrbanSilverWorks
  • Valerie Design
  • Valerie Tyler Collection
  • Victoria Janes
  • Vintage Girl Finds
  • Whiskertin
  • Wizard of Oddz
  • Wonderland Toys
  • Yogi's Closet Boutique


  • Back Attack Snacks
  • Betty'sBombAssBurgers
  • Bloom Cafe
  • Bob Sferra Culinary Occasions
  • Buckeye Blends
  • Burning River Bagels
  • Cleveland Field Kitchen
  • Cleveland Jam LLC
  • Donut Lab
  • Fat T's Cookies
  • Floressa Cafe
  • Ice Cream Joy
  • Ice Or Rice
  • Jim Alesci's Place
  • Kiko's Kitchen
  • Little Red Bird Custom Cookies
  • Manna
  • Maui Shave Ice
  • Perogi Lady
  • Proper Pig
  • Randy's Pickles
  • Raw Trainer
  • Rust Belt Pepper Co.
  • Sauced Pizzeria
  • Six Shooter
  • Smooth Rider
  • Square Scullery
  • Sugar Bomb Confections
  • T's Concessions
  • The Croqueteria
  • The Funky Truckeria
  • The Vegan Doughnut Co.
  • Wholly Frijoles

Juli's Trip to May Flea

Oh hey everyone, 

It's been a while since I did my recap of the Flea. For those that don't know me, I'm Juli, I'm the Flea's Event Photographer. You're probably pretty familiar with my work if you've checked out the flea Instagram on the day of the Flea. I run (for the most part) the photography that goes on, on the day of the Flea. Some say I have the best job at the Flea, I'd probably have to agree with that. 

So without further ado, let me give you a low down on my favorite finds at the flea this past month. 


 Burning River Bagel 

Burning River Bagel 

First stop at any Flea is getting some breakfast and a coffee. I get to the Flea pretty early, and I need to fuel up before my walk around. This particular morning we went for the Cowboy Bagel. If you're like me and you are pretty skeptical of using a bagel as a bun because it's too hard. Think again. Burning river steams their bagels to perfect to make them soft and chewy. The Cowboy Bagel features a hamburger patty, cheddar cheese, bacon and deep fried onion rings. 

The Goods

 Lakewood Plant Co

Lakewood Plant Co

I've been trying to be a plant mom for years, but I'm starting to think I'm not cut out for this job. So I thought my best alternative is an air-plant, minimal watering, probably the only plant that truly thrives on my neglect. 

 Flea Flower Market and Flea Club

Flea Flower Market and Flea Club

Probably one of my favorite additions to the Flea this month is the Flower Market. First off, Mackenzie, looking simply at home whipping up those bouquets for all of you. I myself brought home a bouquet for my momma. Bouquets start at $30 which is an absolute steal for the amount and quality of flowers provided in the bouquets. Flea shop is always a shop for me. This month they features two curated boxes featuring products from Fount, and Revival. You can also stop by Flea Club to join and get a cookie. And who doesn't love a Cookie? 


 Wholly Frijios

Wholly Frijios

For Lunch we smashed on a burrito from Wholly Frijios. We got the tequila lime chicken, rice, beans, sour cream and corn salsa. We tried not to fall asleep after this burrito food baby. 

 Little Red Bird Cookie

Little Red Bird Cookie

If you aren't a flea club member you are really missing out. Did you know that the first 30+ people in the door get a free cookie when you check in at the flea club booth? And seriously the cookies are to die for. 

Want to get featured? If you see me at June Flea please feel free to stop me to snap your pic! We love to feature our Flea Friends.

See you next month at the Flea,


Apply Now- Creative Clubhouse

Creative Clubhouse Memberships go LIVE June 1st. 

In order to become a member there are a few very important steps you must take! 

1. Apply to Our Creative Clubhouse 

2. Be accepted by our team! 

After acceptance you will then be sent a private purchase link (on June 1) to buy the monthly membership option of your choice. 

There is one exception to this: if you plan to be a Drop-In only Member. 

If you are looking to be a Drop-In Member who pays each time they are onsite you will get to forgo the application process! However, you will not have access to all of the perks that the monthly members do- just something to keep in mind. 

Interested in learning more about the Clubhouse? Read more: HERE

We sincerely look forward to reviewing your applications & opening up this space to women doing bada$$ things. 

Our Creative Clubhouse: The details

Dying to know what the Creative Clubhouse is all about? Let us tell you! 

Our Creative Clubhouse: Bringing women together to build confidence and share resources in order to help them become their dreamiest selves.

What does that mean exactly? 

The Creative Clubhouse is an incubator for female start ups. 

It offers women the space to build their business, confidence, & selves surrounded by the dreamiest supplies in the dreamiest of workspaces (not to mention other bada$$ women). 

How do you get involved with such a dreamy place? 

The clubhouse offers memberships that get you monthly access to the space, & social events. As well as drop-in options for one time use.

What do the memberships look like? 

Studio Desk

$175/ mo

  • Personal desk, chair + storage locker
  • 24-hour access to the space (except for time where the space is booked for private events, which is minimal and will always be communicated)
  • Access to Membership Events
  • Onsite Printer

All Access

$100/ mo

  • Weekly-access to the space during open hours
  • Hours of Operation
  • Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
  • Saturday 10am-5pm


$75/ mo

  • First Access to Membership Events (access 1 day early to RSVP). Some super special events might require actual ticket purchase  

  • Special designation within the space (ie biz is listed within CC)

  • 1 Membership Shoutout on Social Media

Drop In Options

  • Classic: $8
  • Access to space for full day (operating hours)
  • Social: Event Based Pricing
  • One time access to a social event of choice

How do you get a membership? 

First step: Apply here

Memberships go live June 1. In order to have access to purchase a membership you must first be accepted by Team CC & Founder Stephanie Sheldon (Drop-In Memberships will not require acceptance) . Upon acceptance you will receive a link to purchase your monthly membership! 


Want more details? Check out the website! 

Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine we Flea! 

 Because, who doesn't love a good rainbow? 

Because, who doesn't love a good rainbow? 

The Law of the Flea says that we are blessed with gorgeous weather on event days at or above 93 percent of the time.

However, that 7 percent can be a real nightmare and a source of stress for a lot of us. So we decided to hash out a legitimate rain plan in hopes that it alone will help keep any storms at bay. You know, that whole “it never rains when you bring an umbrella” approach.

So, we’re still calling The Flea “rain or shine” events, because the heart of our rain plan is to make it happen come hell or high water, whenever we can. In that spirit, we’ve developed a two tier plan to deal with extreme weather in the forecast. We define extreme weather as the strong chance of lasting thunderstorms, a flood warning or watch, and/or the pairing of either of these with a heavy wind factor.

The tiers are delineated by the timing and duration of extreme weather in the forecast.

Tier 1--Delay: the strong chance of extreme weather during setup and/or early market hours. We may decide to delay the start of the event. Vendors will be informed via email no later than 5 pm on the Friday before the event. Set up times will also be adjusted. Shoppers will be informed via social media and local news outlets whenever possible. We encourage vendors to share any announcements we make with their own social media followers to help spread the word.

Tier 1--Close Early: extreme weather sets in during the late hours of the market. We may decide to close early. Flea staff will inform vendors on site of this decision. Shoppers will be informed via social media and local news outlets whenever possible. We encourage vendors to share any announcements we make with their own social media followers to help spread the word.

Tier 1--Brief Storms: there is the strong chance of intermittent extreme weather, as in scattered thunderstorms. We won’t delay the event or close early for scattered storms, but encourage vendors to have a batten down the hatches plan and supplies, such as sufficient tent weights and large tarps. In the case of thunderstorms, we encourage vendors to put out their tarps, lower their tents, and wait out the storm in the parking garage.

Tier 2--Cancel: extreme weather in the forecast for the entirety of the event weekend. We will cancel the event. Vendors will be informed via email no later than 5 pm on the Thursday before the event. Shoppers will be informed via social media and local news outlets whenever possible. We encourage vendors to share any announcements we make with their own social media followers to help spread the word.

So there it is. A real plan… that we hope we never have to use!

That being said, we take the safety of our staff, vendors, and shoppers very seriously and will approach making these decisions with great care. Please refrain from emailing or texting us screenshots of the weather forecast you’re staring at. The value in this policy lies somewhere outside debating the accuracy of one forecast over the other.

Lastly, this plan is meant only for extreme weather situations. So if you do not hear from us in any capacity regarding the weather, please pack a poncho and assume that it is happening as planned. :)


Team Flea

Healthy Eats @ the Flea

Healthy Eats @ the Flea

by guest blogger (& secret Flea Food Critic) Tony Winn

It’s only after eating your weight in all things BBQ that one spends their night lying in bed murmuring… I should have eaten something healthier.

Normally, when I go to the Flea, it’s a free for all: A chocolate fueled rave, with quesadilla dreams! However, as summer reaches down and places its warm hands on my shoulder moments after I’ve seen the 1000th post about getting my beach body ready - I’m leaning towards getting something healthier next time at the Flea.

Fortunately for you, here’s a guide that spells out some of the healthier options at the Flea.


Smooth Rider LLC – Imagine you’re walking around The Flea: It’s hot, you’re melting like witch to water and you want something to cool you down. You turn to the left and what do you see? Smooth Rider LLC, your knight in shining armor. This place is known for their healthy, tasty smoothies; my personal hangover fix. With a focus on fresh ingredients their healthiest smoothies are dairy free, vegan, soy-free, gluten free, using non-GMO all-natural organic yogurt made with organic coconut milk with probiotics. It’s a choice you can feel good about. Might I recommend their kokomo kale smoothie?

Manna Food Truck -  Aside from being a food truck that is morally strong (they intentionally provide job opportunities to the less fortunate) What I love about this place is they have variety – they cater to all types of eaters (Hence this is a great option for you and your pork-rind-loving friend AKA me). For those that are searching for healthier options, might I recommend their Greek chicken wrap with a side of cous cous salad. It’s light, healthy and ego-friendly.

The Square Scullery -  You’ll be elated to know that the Square Scullery has your back on the quest for all things healthy. You see, one of the knocks of trying to eat healthy is the options are limited and sometimes come across as drab. Brace yourself: this award-winning food truck brings variety to the table. Insert their spring menu: Chicken or veggie curry, kimchi pancakes and chorizo & sweet potato frittata w/ arugala & yogurt. Be prepared to let your taste buds run wild.

Raw Trainer – On and off the court (The Flea…just role play with me) Raw Trainer is your friend. Their focus is 100% plant-based meals with attention on keeping the nutrients intact. If you’re healthy minded, this place is your oasis. Along with serving food at the Flea they do home deliveries too – thus they take the work out of cooking – score!

Cleveland Field Kitchen – Six words: Braised. Pork. Sammy. Thank. Me. Later. Of all the sandwiches that have made me smile, this one has my face frozen in time.  With spicy braised pork shoulder, cilantro pesto, candied jalapeños, pickled red onion and greens on a baguette, how can you go wrong?

Ohio City Soup Co – In a world that wants you to eat a sandwich, frankly, sometimes you want soup. You-know-what-I’m-sayin’? Ohio City Soup Co is your friend you didn’t know you had. They serve up vegan, gluten free soups that hits the spot. Too all my soup people, let me declare this is your destination.

Guide to May Flea: Mothers Day Edition

May Flea, Mom Flea 

Mothers Day Gifts:

Need help picking out just the right thing for you mama this year? We have got you covered on many mama fronts! 

Top 5 Picks for Mom- (picked by Mom)!

1) Yellow Cake Trench

2) Cool plants from Lakewood Plant company

3) Air Plant hanger from Prathermade

4) Cleveland Street Glass Jewelry

5) a Vegan Donut (or two) 

Top 5 Picks for a New Mom- (picked by our expecting mama Krista)

1) FOUNT Petite Bellfield Tote

2) mrly brand kiddo clothing

3) Maeves All Natural

4) Oceanne Boobie Necklace

5) Modern Mama CLE Flea Mothers Day Box

Not only would you have the best baby bag in town by adding a totesavvy to your newest FOUNT bag but you would have some of the best stress relieving & mama products out there. Pair these with some of the new apparel at the #fleashop and you've got the best baby shower gift a girl can ask for. 

Mom Flea Celebrations:

Mom Flea (174 of 175).jpg

Flea Flower Market

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to make your own flower bouquet to ensure you get just the right flower arrangement your momma will love? Great news! 

We have partnered with Lush & Lovely to help you make custom bouquets for Mom this Flea!! You will have the opportunity to pick & choose a floral arrangement that your mom will enjoy, made with love, exclusively by you!

Mommy & Me Photos: SOLD OUT! 


  • The sessions will occur between 3PM-4PM at the Color Wall.
  • Tiny 10 minute photo sessions (1-2 poses).
  • The session is free and we will be offering same-day printing of 4x6s.
  • This is for Moms of tiny humans, & Dog moms.

*Dear 6 lucky people who snagged these spots: please meet at the Color Wall to claim your 10 minute session with Julianna Arendash Photography! 

General Details: 


Getting there + Parking

It's best not to drive. Uber. Bus. Bike. However, if you do drive, here are a few things to know:

We have 4 ADA accessible spots at the entrance to The Flea. You'll see them marked.

Parking in neighborhood parking lots is at your own risk. If there is a sign posted that you will be towed, you will be towed.

Don't park in areas on the street where it says, "No Parking" as you will either be ticketed or towed. 

There's ample parking if you're ok strolling through our lovely neighborhood.

Bought something big? Vendors might be willing to deliver it to you for an extra fee OR we also allow cars to drive in for pick up of large items.

We have bike racks for locking up your ride. 

April Flea Eats

FLEA EATS- By Tony Winn (Secret Food Critic) 

All photos by Julianna Arendash Photography.

Any time you spill BBQ sauce on your shirt, it’s usually time for self-loathing and symphony of curse words; however, when you spill BBQ sauce on your shirt at the flea, it’s a badge of honor.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Hi – my name’s Tony, and I’m the guy with the messy shirt.

 The Square Scullery

The Square Scullery

This April marked the beginning of Flea season – you know The Cleveland Flea, Cleveland’s very own, nationally televised flea market. Seriously, you need to get off your ass and come here – you’re probably gonna have a good time. Besides finding the hidden gems that can only be unearthed at a Flea Market, The Cleveland Flea has become known for being a foodie attraction.

What I’m saying is, come hungry and leave happy.

I started the day clean shirted and ended my day BBQ stained, lost, drunk-on- pork and high-on- sweets; it was messy. As I became sober, I paused to reflect on the fabulous finds at the flea. Read on to learn what you should game plan for. Let the salivating commence.

 The Proper Pig

The Proper Pig

The Proper Pig – As you can see, we took this photo in front of a forklift because The Proper Slopper does work. Seriously, you need to hire this sandwich for your next move – he’s anti-union and won’t ask for a raise. All kidding aside, This fan-named, two-handed sandwich is piled to the sky with pulled pork, Texas hot link sausage, beef brisket, slaw and BBQ sauce. You’ll need a napkin or twelve. Try not to eat the screen.

 The Square Scullery

The Square Scullery

The Square Scullery – Akron’s badass mother truckers return to the Flea with some new hardware. The 2017 Hotlist winner of Akron – Canton’s best food truck, are known for their locally sourced food and their made from scratch tastes. We tried their chorizo & sweet potato frittata along with their pork belly mac and cheese. Can you say Holy &$%k&#g bacon? I mean can you see the size of this slab? The Square Scullery offers a unique menu and first-rate tastes.

Randy’s Pickles – Of all the pickles, of all the patches Randy sure knows how to pick the winners. Bar- none, I’d stake my reputation that this company bottles the best pickles you’ve never had. A bonafide success, you can now find the jars being sold at Giant Eagle, Heinens and Whole Foods. Come to the flea and pickle a winner; it’s a sweet dill.

 Cleveland Jam

Cleveland Jam



Cleveland Jam - Unbeknownst to you, the entire time I’ve been writing this blog post I’ve been snacking on Cleveland Jam’s raspberry jalapeno jam on crackers - It’s super addicting! My keyboard looks like a tornado hit it – if any word is misspelled, please know it’s because I have jam in my keys. That said – let me claim that your peanut butter and jelly sandwich just got an upgrade. This company makes wine and beer infused jams that taste better than your mother’s favorite jam. (Not that I know your mother) A commercial success, peep their website to find their nearest store that sells their jam. (Hint – most Cleveland area Targets carry them) Two thumbs way up; this is by far the best jam I’ve ever had.


Wholly Frijoles – It’ a trap people, it’s a trap! Please be careful because if you snack on one nacho, you’re going to end up devouring the entire batch. They’re that magnetizing. I sampled their build-your- own-nachos with all the fixings and a day later, I’m still smiling. It’s light, it’s fresh and it’s some of the best nachos I’ve had. I’ll shut up now and let you admire the pretty picture.

 Burning River Bagels

Burning River Bagels

Burning River Bagels – Everything tastes better on a bagel; I repeat, everything tastes better on a bagel. If you got a speeding ticket – it would probably taste better on a bagel. (But what do I know? Don’t try that) By the time I made my way to Burning River Bagels, I estimate that I had eaten an entire pig. One would think that I would have been full, but when they let me grab my hooves around The Oinker, my hunger suddenly dissipated. This pulled pork sandwich is one for the memories. The pork is smoked for 14 hours and the BBQ sauce is a secret recipe. Who doesn’t love secrets? Two thumbs way up.

 Fat T's Cookies

Fat T's Cookies

Backattack Snacks – True story, we were getting ready to order some beef jerky when we heard this: “You can put a 12 oz steak in your pocket and not feel weird about it.” Well said sir. The funny part is, he’s right! I’ll keep this one simple: BEST. JERKY. EVER. (For those that can’t read in between the lines, the 12 oz steak is the beef jerky)




Bloom Artisan Bakery & Café - So I don’t know if any of you out there in the in-ter- webz are nerdy kids like me, but you know how medieval fares have feasts with artful, please-give- me-some, circular bread the size of pillows? My friends, this is what Bloom Artisan Bakery reminds me of. They make happy bread; really, it’s beautiful. Fresh baked, all natural, no preservatives - you can’t go wrong.

Fat T’s Cookie - I can’t say for certain that I know what the Cookie Monster dreams about, but I like to think that he’s dreaming about Fat T’s cookies. In their own words: Big. Fat. Chewy. Quarter. Pound. Cookies. What more needs to be said? They hit all the feels.

 The Little Piggy

The Little Piggy

The Little Piggy- A food truck named after how I felt that day – well not really. Let me begin by saying, I grew up in a house where BBQ sauce was debated upon like Facebook politics. My father prided himself on his sauce and for the longest time, I thought his BBQ sauce was the best in all the land – you could say I was lost in the sauce. Well, everything done changed. The Little Piggy in my opinion has the best sweet BBQ sauce in the game. Period. They let me try their overnight smoked pulled pork quesadilla – this honestly ended being my favorite meal of the day. I highly recommend it – the flavors are balanced, and the quality is great.

Molly’s Crafted – Summer found its new best friend. If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up your next cocktail party, consider grabbing a bottle of Molly’s Crafted shrubs. They’re sweet, they’re flavorful and they make your lips say, “Thank you”. I personally recommend trying their apple ginger shrub AKA apple pie in a bottle. Your taste buds will appreciate it.

Six Shooter Coffee – Do you know who the most popular person is at 9:30 in the morning? It’s the person who’s selling coffee. End-of- story. Ok I lied, I’ve got a few more sentences left in these fingers. Six Shooter Coffee is a Cleveland proud, micro-roaster that focuses solely on quality. What you’ll find is their attention to detail shows up in each sip which encourages you to come back for some more. Start your flea off right with a cup of the good stuff.

 The Vegan Doughnut Co. 

The Vegan Doughnut Co. 

Vegan Doughnuts – Arguably one of the most popular vendors at the Flea, there’s a reason why people line up. Quality, quality, quality. The doughnuts are light, and the flavor is strong. As the son of a tremendous doughnut eater, I often feel obligated to stuff my face with their doughnuts. Just look at the picture, just look at it!

Donut Lab – Sure, you could work in a lab that solves the mysteries of science, but if you’re anything like me, you’d rather work in a lab that solves the mysteries of hunger. Am I Right? The donut lab specializes in mini bite sized doughnuts with dippin’ sauce. Need I say more? Treat yourself.

 Cleveland Kraut

Cleveland Kraut

Cleveland Kraut – In case you’ve been living under a rock, (which if true, I doubt you’d even be reading this) I’ll have you know that Cleveland Kraut has been a huge hit in the Cleveland area. This is the sauerkraut you wish you had as a kid; this is the sauerkraut that will make you fall in love with sauerkraut over and over again. Known for their cool jars and great taste – I encourage you to peep their website to see if your local grocery store carries their product.

 Smooth Rider

Smooth Rider




Smooth Rider LLC – For those that live on the healthier side of the train tracks, (Kudos to you, please teach me your ways) may I recommend that you pull up to Smooth Rider. Smooth rider does what few do – they balance taste and quality, which in my opinion, is pretty damn hard to do. These are happy smoothies, what I’m saying is my self-esteem felt great about having one. I tried their Dragon Berry with

Mango smoothie - It tasted like spring in my mouth – fresh and new. Like I’ve said before, you’ll be happy to know that some of their smoothies are dairy free, vegan, soy-free, gluten free, using non-GMO all-natural organic yogurt made with organic coconut milk with probiotics. It’s healthy and it’s good, period.

 Manna Food Truck

Manna Food Truck

Manna Food Truck – By the time we made our way to the Manna Food Truck, we have had one vegan meal too many and were scratching ourselves to get our hands on some meat. What we decided on was BBQ pork rinds. For those that like pork rinds (how you doing friends?!) let me say you need to try these. They are popping fresh, crunchy and come out hot – just the way I like them. On the real, Manna Food Truck is an example of the humanitarian spirit as they employ the less fortunate to give them work. They’re a food truck you can feel great about.




Alescis – One of my personal favorite Eastside lunch spots, I was very pleased to see Alesics make an appearance at the Flea. Known for their family flare, imported-from- Italy tastes, and authentic recipes; this institution gives you a slice of the old country. If you love pepperoni bread, stop reading after this paragraph. Your quest for finding the finest pepperoni bread is over – you’re welcome. Trust me, you’ll want to stop at Alescis to satisfy all things pepperoni. This Flea they debuted with a build your own risotto bowl – let the creativity begin!


 The Pierogi Lady

The Pierogi Lady



The Pierogi Lady – Everyone’s favorite pierogi lady returns to the Flea to share her prized pierogies with the world! Let’s be clear – Clevelanders love pierogis! Like – a lot. In fact, some may say Cleveland runs on pierogis! - not coffee. You’ll be pleased to know that there is a frozen take home menu, so you can satisfy your pierogi craving any day of the week. My personal favorite is the potato cheddar jalapeno; spice up your Tuesdays.

The Little Kitchen – It’s not The Little Toaster, it’s The Little Kitchen. Our new friends from Columbus, OH– IO drove up and made a huge splash. They made us a lick-the- spoon cake batter milkshake. I repeat they have a cake batter milkshake. Do you realize that the game changed? Bar none – this is easily my favorite milkshake I’ve ever had. At night I think about this milkshake – it’s that good and I’m that hungry.

 Mason Jar Lemonade

Mason Jar Lemonade

Mason Jar Lemonade – So you know how you saw scores of people carrying mason jars drinking ready-for-the- gram lemonade? This is where they came from. Bar none – this is likely the prettiest lemonade you’ve ever seen. Made with fresh fruit, this lemonade gives you the taste of summer. The best part, you can keep the jar. Score.

Happy Camper Bar Car – The party behind the Flea is served up at the Happy Camper Bar Car. These mixologists are responsible for putting the pep in my step and the twinkle in my eye every flea – at least that’s what my buzz is telling me. May I recommend their Moscow mule – as easily put, it tastes like From Russia With Love. With enough of these, I tell myself that I feel like James Bond.

 Ice Cream Joy

Ice Cream Joy


Ice Cream Joy – Seven Words. Ice. Cream. Nacho. Bowl. Drop. The. Mic. This place is personally responsible for fulfilling my middle school dessert fantasy. You get the choice of four scoops (might I recommend espresso shortbread ice cream) and your choice of chip (winners get chocolate chip). This is the ice cream experience you’ve always wanted. There’s nothing more to say, just look at the pics.

Cleveland Field Kitchen – I love my mother’s grilled cheese more than any man should. It’s warm, it’s comforting and it’s there when I need it – much like my mom. However, I must admit that the Cleveland Field Kitchen has the best grilled cheese sandwich in the game. Sorry mom. Bittersweet admission aside– their grilled cheese sandwich is typically my go-to when I’m at the Flea – just saying. This Flea they let me try their braised pork Sammy. It’s pork, cilantro pesto, candied jalapeno, pickled red onion and greens on a beget. Everything needs candied jalapeno – I repeat, everything needs candied jalapeno.

Ohio City Soup Co – You know, I’m sympathetic to the soup people because I’m a soup person - we’re good people. This past flea was a brisk day aka the perfect soup day. Ohio City Soup serves up made from scratch, vegan, gluten free soups. Embrace your inner soup person, embrace it.

 Raw Trainer

Raw Trainer




Raw Trainer – The most excited I’ve seen my friend was when we found out we could buy lactose free nacho cheese. Seriously it was a big moment, because it’s damn hard to find. Raw Trainer, our nacho cheese hero, offers 100% plant-based meals. They are non GMO, dairy free, gluten free, organic and raw. What’s cool is that they are a meal delivery service; they deliver prepared meals straight to your doorstep, which is a huge time saver. For those that are healthy minded you should really consider checking out Raw Trainer as they meal prep for you.

Betty’s Bomb-Ass Burgers – Easily the coolest named food truck, Betty’s Bomb-Ass Burgers was a personal favorite of my mine last year. The truth is, they do live up to their name, their burgers are bomb. They return this year with a new bomb-ass menu. Try the Ikraus - raclette cheese, exotic mushroom blend, crispy shallots, and truffle aioli or the Boeing Fortress - chunky peanut butter, habanero jelly, sliced foie gras, and cheddar cheese.

Creme De La Creme of the April Flea

The Best of The Best of April Flea

Although it is hard for us to pick a top anything at the Flea because we truly love it ALL (biased we know, wink wink) we decided to choose a few of our top team picks from Makers at the April Flea. We want you to share your favorite (or not so favorite) things about the April Flea with us! Click the button below to help us grow! xo, Team Flea

Flea Team Maker favorites from April Flea: 

1. Modern Mama Shelves/Blanket Ladder 

2. Keystone Steel Co. Signage

3. mrly handsewn clothing

4. Tiny planters from Tierra Sole

5. Cleveland Street Glass Jewelry

6. Prather team record holders and other wood goods.

7. Black leather clutch from Seel

8. Cleveland AF by Emily Roggenburk

9. Stuffed Llama from The Happy Groundhog Studio 

10. Scarf from Yellow Cake 

Tell us your favorites about April Flea & offer us feedback for the future here