Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorships are an incredible way to:

  • support the local creative community
  • keep costs low for consumers who currently pay $1 for entry 
  • share your product with over 10,000 shoppers on the day of the event
  • have access to our online following of 40,000 Instagram followers
  • have access to our 6,000 unique monthly visitors
  • partner with The Cleveland Flea by gaining our "stamp" of approval which means a lot to our community & gets your brand in the door to an audience designed for YOU!
  • have fun with the community in a different format by offering tastings or samplings, hosting games or workshops, or offering small freebies to those who sign up for your newsletter
  • share your name in big, bold letters with the people who matter 

Silver Sponsors

Silver sponsors can pay to have their logo featured on our website with a link on the home page for the entirety of the season (April 1st-November 1st). This option is the simplest way to connect yourself to The Cleveland Flea and costs $150 a month (auto-renewal). Our website gets 6,000 unique visits each month and over 13,000 page views. Purchasing a silver sponsorship gives you monthly access to our audience and The Cleveland Flea's "stamp of approval". We act as a reference for your brand which is kind of great because people trust that we only support local businesses that take themselves seriously and offer a quality product. Package total cost: $1,050


Gold Sponsors

Gold Sponsors will get all that is included in the Silver Package with the addition of a blog feature post (an example would be a Q & A style interview with photos), a booth or carved out area to feature samples or host a workshop or game at 3 of the 7 markets (you choose!), and a feature on our sponsors page with a built in form for interested shoppers to fill out and inquire further. This package costs $300 a month (auto-renewal) throughout the entire flea season (April 1st-November 1st). Package total cost: $2,100


Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsors will get everything in the silver and gold packages PLUS inclusion in ALL SEVEN markets and the ability to hang a banner (detailed requirements are in the contract) at all events. This incredible package costs $500 a month and makes you a true Flea Partner. Package total cost: $3,500