Hey friends. Welcome to Small Batch Dispatch, a podcast that we created over at Indie Foundry & The Flea so that we could get in deeper conversations with the makers and creatives that are shaping the cities we live in, and thus our lives here.

You're seeing this because we want YOU to be a part of the conversation. We know there's more to running creative businesses than instagram feeds show (hello, what's OFF camera?) and we think that having some time to chat about that is not only good for you but great for those who are listening.

So, who's listening? Our fans at The Flea (those shoppers who love to buy what you make or do) and also many aspiring to-be's that love to hear your truth. We're all teachers and listeners here, and we invite you to think of yourself like that, too.  Also, we can bet that a lot of media, companies that are investing in "local" and anyone who might be wanting to tell these same sorts of stories are eavesdropping as well. But we also aim to launch this thing nationally, to tell our story about Cleveland to the world and change the conversation from burning rivers, beer and Browns to innovation, grit, and frankly, bagels.

So, if you're up for it, let's get to talking.