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Having an online shop is cool, and we think everyone should have one  (if that fits into their business plan).


Have you thought of setting up at a market but weren't sure it would work for you? Here are 4 reasons for you to step out from behind your computer or Etsy store, grab your tent (or maybe purchase one) and #SetUpShop.

More sales, because we're curated the right type of shopper for you.
What's that mean for you? A lot of things, but here are just a few:

  • Most Cleveland Flea customers come with the understanding that shopping small might cost more than going to Target or Walmart, so we typically don't get people haggling makers or telling them they could 'make it themselves' because we have a considerable conversations with them about what it means to support small

  • Focus on the whole shop and not just the product- shoppers come to markets because they want to meet YOU. The idea of meeting the maker is part of what sells your work. 

  • Most likely you'll form lasting relationships that drive them to support you beyond the day of the flea but also drive them straight to your booth when they do arrive.

Immediate feedback (and money) is there, if you're ready to ask for it:

  • Our shoppers are ready to buy- and there are between 5,000 to 10,000 of them at each market! 

  • Our shoppers LOVE providing feedback to you about your products and what they might want to see next.

  • Shoppers love to tell you WHY they use or love a product you found, curated or made for them. Use these stories to better understand why your brand is unique to people.

You can find your Business Besties at Cleveland Flea. Most people do!

  • Most friendors (that's vendor friends) find each other at Cleveland Flea or other in-person markets. 

  • It's fun to have someone to talk to you about what you're both going through. 

  • It might sound a lot like the first day of college, and it kind of is. You'll find your friends and grow your businesses together!

  • You're certainly not in this alone. Grow your creative community!  

It's totally different selling in person. 

  • There's nothing more awesome than showing up to market and being able to connect with someone who is ecstatic to give you their money in exchange for the thing you make, find or curate!

  • The stuff of online business (posting products, pricing, taking photos, fulfilling orders, etc) is a solitary situation- which can be fun at times. But it's also super fun for a change to be selling in-person and interacting with actual people!  

More reasons to join us this season coming at you daily! Season Seven launches January 25th! 

Team Flea