• You have a space.  It's either a large lot or a large, indoor space.
  • Indoor = 10,000-20,000 square feet
    • with access to electricity & lighting
    • with access to parking (either at the building or within walking distance)
    • with restrooms (we can rent portable restrooms, though we'd expect to share that cost with our host)
    • ideally on the ground floor (upper floors will require elevator access, because no one really likes to carry giant furniture up and down stairs)
    • provide one person who can act as building maintenance during the hours of our event, should we have issues arise regarding the building.
    • provide snow removal services for your parking lots
  • outdoor = 20,000-40,000 square feet
    • a relatively clean lot (we will return it to you in the condition we found it)
    • a hard, graded surface (should the lot not be paved, we would need to perform a feasibility study)
    • with access to electricity for our food vendors
    • with access to parking
    • with restrooms (we can rent portable restrooms, though we'd expect to share that cost with our host)
    • provide snow removal services (sounds horrific, we know!)


  • The most important thing we do is throw a kick-ass event, one that inspires the city to join us at your property, so we need autonomy and support from our hosts so that we can focus on our creative engagement solutions.
  • We provide $1 million of event liability insurance and additionally insure each of our properties.
  • We pull a temporary liquor permit through our non-profit partner.
  • We staff the event.
  • We coordinate security for the event.
  • We manage set up, tear down, and clean up.
  • We manage trash and recycling during the event.  We will rent and coordinate a separate dumpster, should we determine that necessary.
  • Get your space back to you in the shape we found it.
  • We will draw up a lease agreement so that we can all be on the same page.


  • Pay you for your space.  We aren't a tenant. You're actually hiring us to activate your space, and the energy we can bring will most certainly lead to further development for you.