When and where is Holiday Flea this year?

Friday, November 16 - Sunday, November 18
Friday, December 14 - Sunday, December 16

Friday from 6pm-10pm
Saturday + Sunday 10am-6pm

Holiday Flea will be at The Madison!
4601 Payne Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103

How can I buy a ticket to Holiday Flea?

Tickets are available on our website, HERE!

Is Holiday Flea pet friendly?

Unfortunately, pets who are not registered service animals will not be allowed at our Holiday Markets. This policy is due to safety reasons, thank you for your understanding.

I want to share info on social media, do you have shareable items?

Yes! You can share/invite people to our event page, HERE.
You can also find some fun graphics to use on your social media pages, HERE.

I have staff working with me throughout the weekend. How do they get in?

Fill out THIS FORM for us so that we can communicate their entry with our ticketing staff! They'll enter at the main entrance and verify that they are working a shift for you.

I can't find my booth assignment!

No worries - we've got you.
Booth assignments (NOVEMBER) can be found, HERE! Booth assignments for December will be released soon.

Do you have a map of vendors?

Our November vendor map can be found, HERE! December vendor map, coming soon!

I'd love to do a ticket giveaway, can I have access to tickets for this?

We LOVE giveaways! You are welcome to purchase tickets to host a giveaway on your social media platforms/newsletters.
Ticketing links can be found, HERE.

When should I load-in?

Vendors begin load-in on Thursday before the Flea weekend (unless you are an out of town vendor and need to load-in on Friday).

Load-in times must be selected by MONDAY, DECEMBER 10th. Select your load-in time, HERE.

Where should I park?

Free Vendor parking is located at
The Rainey Institute
1705 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44105

How many parking spots am I able to use each day?

Vendors are allotted ONE parking space per booth.

Where do I submit my vendor's license / permit information?

We're glad you asked! Right HERE, please.

Shoppers are asking me questions - do you have info I can share?

Yes! We've built a shopper FAQ page just for this reason! Check it out, HERE!

How many vendors are accepted into each Holiday Flea?

We accept roughly 50-75 businesses to each Cleveland Flea Holiday Market. If accepted, vendors must be present for each day of the event.

Refund + Cancellation Policies

Vendors sign an electronic agreement when purchasing a booth spot. The booth spot fee is non-refundable except as otherwise provided herein. If a vendor fails to show up at the Flea that a booth spot was purchased, it is at The Cleveland Flea's discretion to terminate the Vendor Agreement.

Vendor must remit the booth spot payment to The Cleveland Flea by the method and by the date to be specified on the Offer E-mail and/or Vendor Packet, should you be accepted.