When and where is Holiday Flea this year?

We will be hosting two holiday shows this year!
Friday, November 16 - Sunday, November 18 + Friday, December 14 - Sunday, December 16.

Venue will be announced soon.

How many vendors are accepted into each Holiday Flea?

We accept roughly 50-75 businesses to each Cleveland Flea Holiday Market. If accepted, vendors must be present for each day of the event.

When will you accept vendor applications?

Our application is open starting July 27th, and we hope to send out the first round of application responses by September 1. Applications will re-open for a small amount of new vendors monthly. The likelihood of being offered an opportunity to participate is higher the earlier that you apply.

Can I participate in all markets during Holiday Flea season?

Most vendors are only invited to participate in one event or another, but not all events. We reserve the right to invite vendors to all events, but understand that this is very rare so that we can spread selling opportunities throughout the community. This is not a knock on any business who is only invited to participate in one event and not multiple.

What types of booths will be available?

Each event will offer 5'x10' spaces, 10'x10' spaces and 10'x20' spaces. We try our hardest to assign you to a booth size based on your noted preference, but cannot accommodate all preferences due venue constraints.

Booth sharing is permitted on a case-by-case basis. However, each business sharing a space is subject to the full booth fee, and must apply separately for review by Flea staff. Vendors are not allowed to bring in outside vendors who have not been approved by Cleveland Flea. Should you want to share a booth with another vendor, your request must be received in writing 30 days prior to the event in question.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Please refrain from emailing us about the status of an application.

For information on the what makes for a great Flea vendor and a strong application, visit the "Vendor FAQ" page on our website. Team Flea has compiled their tips for what makes a strong application to our market.

If you do not supply adequate information to jury your products, we will be unable to process your application. You must supply direct links to an Instagram, Facebook business page and/or website with information about your company and current photos of what you would sell at the market.


Please complete the form below and submit your application for review. Please refrain from emailing us about the status of your application. Review the above FAQs for further information about Holiday Flea and the application process. 

Please enter your business name exactly as you would like it to appear on our event Roster should you be accepted.
Describe your business involvement. *
Briefly tell us about your business as if we were a shopper walking up to your booth for the first time. Share with us what makes your business unique.
Please provide a web link to your IG account, if applicable. (example:
Please provide a web link to your FB account, if applicable. (example:
Business Birthday *
Business Birthday
When was your business baby born!?
Please share a link to photo examples of your booth set-up, if applicable.
Phone *
Please enter the best phone number for us to contact you.
Where are you headquartered?
Business / Vendor Type *
Please select the type that most accurately describes your business. For descriptions of our vendor categories, please refer to our Applicant FAQs.
If you selected 'Other' as your business / vendor type above, please describe.
Have you participated in The Cleveland Flea before? *
How did you hear about us? *
Independent Business Owner / Franchise / Consultant *
Please note, we do not typically provide a platform for anyone other than independent business owners. Should you be interested in being a sponsor for The Cleveland Flea, please reach out via our contact form!
My products are _______. *
Please share your price range of goods and offerings, if applicable. If you are an Experiential + Interactive vendor offering a free activity or service, please state that below.
Which holiday market(s) are you interested in participating in? *
Holiday markets are normally 3-day indoor events in which vendors leave their merchandise set up overnight. The event location will be secured and participating vendors will required to be setup for all event times.
Would you be interested in commission based sales for Holiday Flea? *
Commission based sales for Holiday Flea gives you the opportunity to participate in Holiday without the stress of booth setup, design and being present at the market. Team Flea will take over for the weekend and partner with you on product sales. Interested? We'll be in touch!
Booth Size #1 | Indicate your most preferred choice for booth size. *
Booth Size #2 | Indicate your second most preferred choice for booth size. *
Booth Size #3 | Indicate your least preferred choice for booth size. *
I understand that I need to supply my own tables, chairs, etc. I also understand that no tents will be permitted to be set-up inside of the event space. *
Business licensing / permits *
I have the following OR am in the process of obtaining the following types of licensing / permits for my business. Select all that apply.
If accepted, please let us know if you have any special needs or requests below. - Sharing a booth? If you would like to request a specific business to team up with, please note that here. - Other requests may include (may include additional fees): being placed on a corner, being placed in a shaded area if applicable. - Any electrical requests must be clearly outlined with AMP needs and exact items that need to be powered. If your request is deemed necessary for participation we will reach out to you to confirm additional details. Requests for phone charging will not be considered. Electricity use may incur fees. Note: Some requests cannot be met due to venue and/or logistical constraints. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed.
Name *
Address *
Food vendors, do you need power to cook / heat food?
There will be no gas cooking/heating devices, open flames, or generators permitted during indoor events. Electrical heating sources are the only option available to cook/heat food.
Food vendors, if you need power to cook / heat food, do you need a 220 line?
There will be no gas cooking/heating devices, open flames, or generators permitted during indoor events. Electrical heating sources are the only option available to cook/heat food.
*By submitting this application you agree to the terms below. The above application is for the 2018 Cleveland Flea Holiday Markets. All applicants will receive an email in regards to participation, but please note that upon submission of this form, you should NOT expect a confirmation email. Keep in mind, not all vendors who apply will be accepted to participate. Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of the Flea's Holiday Markets!
PLEASE READ BELOW VENDOR SPACE: Standard vendor spaces are 5' x 10', 10' x 10', or 10' x 20' as assigned by The Cleveland Flea at time of invoicing. Each vendor is responsible for providing his or her own tables, tent, chairs, and display surfaces, although there is not a specific requirement to what your set-up should look like. We strongly encourage creativity with how you display yourselves and your goods, and have a preference toward vendors who use handmade or fabricated signage that will add to the visual fabric of the Flea environment. No booth sharing. Each potential applicant must apply individually and be accepted to participate as such. Approved vendors will be assigned a set up time and method. Note that The Cleveland Flea will not be responsible for any damage or theft of personal belongings or merchandise, or loss of any product due to external factors. Please be careful and responsible for your area and we advise that vendors carry their own insurance. Any accidents caused by a vendor’s set-up or goods will be the responsibility of that vendor. The Cleveland Flea is not responsible for any personal injury during our events. VENDOR FEES: Upon application review and acceptance for participation, vendors will be required to pay the appropriate vendor fee by a date to be specified on the notification of acceptance. If you are interested in being both a vendor and a web sponsor, please let us know via email and we can send you current rates. All paid vendors will be listed and linked to on The Cleveland Flea Web site. REFUNDS: Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for vendors fees if something comes up. Again, there are no refunds for paid booth spaces regardless of reasoning. FOOD: "Food Vendors" are considered those selling food that is cooked on site and edible on site. Food vendors are also required to provide AT LEAST one garbage can (13 gallon or larger) and will be held responsible for any grease or similar leaving on the site, whether rain will wash it away or not. Limited electricity is available and will be provided only to vendors for whom it is critical. Vendors may be charged an additional fee to connect to power. Please contact us if you will need more than a standard outlet. STATE SALES TAX: All vendors are responsible for abiding by all tax laws and collecting the sales tax for Ohio on each sale. For more information about this you can contact the Ohio Department of Revenue or view taxation requirements on their website. Be responsible for sales taxes, licenses, permits, insurance and fees as necessary and/or required by law to conduct your business. We must leave it to you to be responsible for any requirements that might apply to you. Understand that The Cleveland Flea has the right to deny your participation in any or all of the events at any time. Should there be reason to revoke your acceptance prior to the day of the event, a full refund will be given unless any of the guidelines stated here have not been followed. MEDIA RELEASE/CONSENT: I, the undersigned, do hereby release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which I appear, for use by The Cleveland Flea and all sponsors. I understand that the photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of assisting future Cleveland Flea events. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photos and/or advertising copy. All photographs, negatives and videotapes shall constitute the sole property of The Cleveland Flea. I declare that I am of legal age and have every right to contract in my own name in the above regard.